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Deadline of this Job: 20 September 2022
Job Purpose
Training Officer’s job overview is to conduct onboarding and informative training sessions, promote company efficiency and enhance productivity, improve the skills of all employees by teaching new knowledge and providing retraining and update on existing procedures and processes based on business needs.

Key Responsibilities
• Onboarding, support and mentorship of new employees
• Keep trainings attendance and other relevant records
• Monitor employee performance and response to training
• Conduct skills evaluations to identify areas of improvement and provide new solutions
• Processes and procedures improvements identification
• Follow internal rules, policies and guidelines
• Follow company standards and ensure high quality and productivity of job performance
• Ensure that Teams are aware of the latest updates and tools necessary to do their job duties
• Develop and enforce policies and structures for the growth of the company (share these policies with Group Training Manager, HR and Operations Manager)
• Develop assessing and evaluation procedures
• Carry out daily duties as guided by the business operational guidelines
• Plan and implement an effective training and testing plans
• Follow and advertise company goals and objectives
• Understand communication channels and when to use them
• Drive brand values and philosophy through all training and development activities.
• Evaluate organizational performance to ensure that training is supportive to meet organizational or strategic objectives.
• Collaborate with management to identify the company training needs
• Plan and implement an effective training curriculum
• Schedule appropriate training sessions
• Preparation of annual training budgets in consultation with relevant departmental heads and Human Resource.
• Market available training to employees and provide relevant information on request
• Prepare hard copy training materials and module summaries
• Develop and organize training manuals, and multimedia Visual aids and other educational materials when needed
• Keep attendance and other records
• Analyse training monthly and identify further areas of improvement
• Monitor employee performance and response to training
• Support and mentor new employees

Qualifications and Requirements
• Full Grade 12 certificate with credit or better in English and Mathematics
• Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management, Business Administration or business in related field (finance / banking / management)
• Qualifications in teaching methodology/training and development an added advantage
• 2 to 3 years work experience in a similar role
• Great communication, presentation, and public speaking skills
• Excellent time management and organizational skills
• Approachable and Team oriented personality
• Good analytical and problem-solving skills
• Understanding of effective teaching methodologies and tools
• Critical thinking and decision making
• Ability to work accurately and quickly under company deadlines

Deadline of this Job: 30 September 2022
Trinity University is a private Christian university. It was established with a view to delivering tertiary education that is highly comparable to that delivered by any other internationally recognized University, particularly by the renowned world universities.
Trinity University aims at equipping learners with exceptional academic and professional knowledge that is unequivocally essential in overcoming challenges in one’s personal and public life. The university focuses further at producing graduates that are equipped with good and dynamic leadership qualities that are indispensable in meeting national and global challenges, especially those which are social, economic, scientific and technological in nature. It is in this belief that the education programmes offered at the university, notwithstanding learners’ religious inclination reflect Zambia’s needs and cultural and traditional identity as people belonging to the global world.
The primary goal of Trinity University is to educate and stimulate our learners in innovation and excellence and in generation of a prudent quest for more knowledge, especially through research. Thus, the university demands scholastic excellence from all academic and support staff and from students as well.
As a Christian University, Trinity University stands to be guided by Christian principles, heritage and we embrace diversity. The university believes that intellectual and spiritual pursuits go hand in hand, as essential ingredients, not only for growth of the advancement of global sustainable development. It is the university’s aspiration that our students will reflect this heritage upon graduation.

Trinity University is looking for full time Public Health HOD and Lecturers.
Lecturers Minimum Qualifications:
• BSc Public Heath
• Masters of Science Public Health
• Should have valid practicing licenses from HPCZ
Head of Department Public Health Minimum Qualifications:
• BSc Public Heath
• Masters of Science Public Health
• Should have valid practicing licenses from HPCZ with at least 5 years experience in same position.
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