Consultant/Contractual Jobs at Habitat for Humanity, Promoting Equality in African Schools(PEAS) and VSO,

Deadline of this Job: 03 October 2022
Consultancy – Development of the P4 Training Manual
Terms of Reference (TOR)

Consultancy Services to Develop P4 Training Manual
I. Introduction
Habitat for Humanity Zambia is an affiliate of Habitat for Humanity International, a worldwide non-profit ecumenical Christian ministry with a vision to see “A world where everyone has a decent place to live.”
Habitat Zambia is currently implementing a Vulnerable Group Housing Program in Kabwe’s Makululu informal settlement. In July 2022, Habitat for Humanity International with support from the Hilti Foundation launched the People Public Private Partnerships (P4) Community of Practice that will bring together peers from the national offices across all the regions HFH operates in, to share best practices on their experiences in piloting the P4 initiative. In Zambia, the pilot is being implemented in Makululu, Kabwe where 133 low-cost housing units have been constructed including reticulated water through installation of solarized boreholes for vulnerable groups in the community.
II. Objective of the assignment
To adapt the newly developed Habitat for Humanity International People Public Private Partnerships Training Manual to the Zambian context. The manual will provide an overview of how P4s have been implemented in the Zambian context, detailing successes, challenges, and opportunities.
The end users of the manual will include Habitat for Humanity Zambia staff, local level structures such as Ward Development Committees, and stakeholders in the public and private sector. Furthermore, the consultant will develop guidelines for P4 mainstreaming in future HFHZ program designs as strategic pathway to strengthen community development and sustainability.
III. Scope of Work
• Adapt the Habitat for Humanity International P4 Training Manual to the Zambian context.
• The content should include but not limited to P4 definitions, rationale for having a P4s, how to mainstream P4 in programming, step by step guide on how to engage in a P4, challenges, opportunities, risks of engaging in a P4, special tips of how to enhance P4s, case study/site visit identification.
• Desktop review of Habitat Zambia project reports, P4 project proposal, Habitat for Humanity Theory of Change, HFH Africa Strategy, and housing context in Zambia.
• Document case studies on P4 best practices from Habitat for Humanity National Offices in Africa.
• Key informant interviews with selected public and private sector players.
• Focus group discussions with Makululu housing beneficiaries and local level structures.
IV. Deliverables and Timeline:
Output # Deliverable Duration
• Inception Report and Tools 10/10/22
• Data Collection 11/10/22 – 14/10/22
• Submission of 1st Draft 17/10/22
• Review of comments 19/10/22
• Submission of Final 21/10/22
The consultancy will commence on 10th October and end on 21st October broken down as follows:
V. Reporting:
• The Consultant will, on the technical aspect of the assignment, be reporting to the Policy and Advocacy Specialist with the overall supervision by the Resource Development and Communications Manager.
VI. Payment schedule:
The fees will be paid upon receipt of an invoice from the Consultant/firm/institution, with the bank details.
• 40% payment advance upon contract signing to be processed within 5 working days.
• 60% payment will be delivered upon submission of finalized documentary to be processed within 5 working days.
• The Consultant, firm must be legally registered and have valid tax clearance certificates from the relevant regulatory authorities.
• The total lumpsum Consultancy Fee will include 15% Withholding Tax.
VI. Quality and ethical standards
The consultant/firm should take all reasonable steps to ensure that the final product demonstrates respect and protects people’s rights and welfare and the communities of which they are members. It is also expected that the consultant will respect the values of HFHI: courage, humility, and accountability.
The competency requirements for the consultant/firm are:
• A master’s degree in a relevant field such as education, development studies or organizational development.
• At least 10 years relevant experience developing training manuals of a similar nature.
• Fluency in English and Bemba/Nyanja.
• Knowledge and experience working in Zambia.

Deadline of this Job: 26 September 2022
About PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Schools)
PEAS ( is a fast-growing charity with a mission to ‘expand access to sustainably delivered quality secondary education across Africa’. We run the fastest-growing network of sustainably financed secondary schools in Africa.
At PEAS, we are passionate about delivering quality education at a low cost, can educate the poorest rural communities in Zambia, and replicating our model across other communities. We work closely with the Zambian Ministry of General Education (MOGE) helping to achieve their national goals and have partnered with the MOGE to build an exemplary network of secondary schools in Zambia.
PEAS Zambia has achieved great things over the last 10 years, and we know we can achieve even more in the next 10 years. Building on the solid foundations of our programme, we want to grow in our secondary school network and beyond.
Our ambition is to be true exemplars of quality education and to drive improvements across the Zambian education system. We are now looking for a School Improvement Lead to join us on this exciting and challenging journey to make our ambition a reality.
Reports to: Construction Manager

Duties And Responsibilities
• Observe the quality and progress of the construction on projects to determine in general that it is proceeding in accordance with the Contract Documents;
• Monitor the construction progress and assist in the preparation of progress reports as required by the PEAS;
• Review Contract Documents with the Contractor’s supervisors so as to have a complete understanding of the scope of the project;
• Collaborate with the Construction Manager to evaluate the contractor’s suggestions and assist with making a final decision;
• Attend project meetings as PEAS representative and report to the Construction Manager in writing on the proceedings;
• Tests required Contract Documents. Review testing invoices, if any, to be paid by PEAS;
• Maintain records at the construction site or as directed by the Construction Manager in accordance with the PEAS procedures;
• Maintain a logbook containing, project progress and reports and submit reports on the progress of the Contractor’s work to the Construction Manager;
• Review applications for payment submitted by the contractor with the Construction Manager and assist in making recommendations related to payments;
• Assist the Construction Manager in reviewing the list of items to be completed or corrected with is submitted by the Contractor with a request for issuance of a Certificate of Substantial Completion;
• Assist the Construction Manager in reviewing the documentation and record documents to be furnished to the PEAS by the Contractor upon completion of the work;
• Conducting site safety inspections when the work is underway and ensuring compliance with health, safety, and environmental regulations;
• Ensure that the contractor adheres to the Child Protection Policy;
• Assist in obtaining permits from local authorities and planning offices;
• Measurement and Valuation of works in progress;
• Carry out Health and safety in schools by;
• Ensuring that the physical environments for teaching and learning are conducive;
• Ensuring that there is safe drinking water and adequate sanitary facilities for all students and teachers;
• Ensuring that children with disabilities have access to all facilities;
• Ensure timely response to any Health and safety hazard;
• Responsible for maintenance in schools by;
• Ensuring that all schools and other education infrastructure are kept in a state of repair and properly maintained;
• Ensuring that there is a timely response to urgent maintenance needs;
• Carrying out regular inspections of schools and planning for any maintenance needs.

• Full Grade 12 Certificate
• Diploma or Degree in either Construction Management, Civil Engineering, Quantity Surveying, or Architecture
• Minimum of two (2) years’ work experience in a similar role
• Carry a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record
• Can manage to work outdoors and out of town for long periods of time
• Knowledge of construction industry safety regulations.
• Excellent communication skills.
• Exceptional ability to monitor construction project budgets and deadlines.
• Ability to closely collaborate with other construction project stakeholders.
• History of professionalism, being a team player, adhering to project schedules, regular attendance at work, and a strong work ethic
• Experience and academics in procurement will be an added advantage

Deadline of this Job: 24 September 2022.
VSO is the world’s leading international development charity that works through volunteers to create a fair world for everyone. At VSO we pride ourselves on doing development differently. We fight poverty not by sending aid, but by working through volunteers and partners to create long-lasting change in some of the world’s poorest regions. We bring key stakeholders together to co-ordinate collective action, from local organisations to national governments. Our programmes in Africa and Asia focus on health, education and livelihoods, with an increasing emphasis on resilience, peace building, social accountability, gender and social inclusion. We’re not about delivering quick fixes, but instead we focus on long-lasting, sustainable change that will improve the lives of generations to come.

Role overview
To evaluate the extent to which the project has reached its set targets (Outcomes/intermediate outcome indicator level)

Skills, qualifications and experience
Competencies and Behaviour
At VSO we believe progress is only possible by working together. Whether you want to join us as an employee, or as a volunteer working in your own country, overseas or online, our selection process includes an assessment based on these core competencies:
• Ability to be open minded and respectful
• Ability to be resilient and adaptive to new situations
• Ability to facilitate positive change and build sustainable working relationships
• Ability to seek and share knowledge

Equal Opportunities
VSO promotes equal opportunities and values a diverse workforce.
VSO reserves the right to close this job early if we receive a sufficient number of applications.
Once you’re ready to apply, click on ‘make an application’ below to complete the online form.
Crafting Compelling
Cover Letters