Deadline of this Job: 26 August 2022
• Our client UNC-Global Projects Zambia, LLC (UNC GPZ) is an independent, local, non-governmental health organization established in Zambia in 2015. We conduct clinical and public health research among women and new-borns aimed to improve the health of families in Zambia. UNC GPZ is looking for services of a Language Translator
• (a translation firm or Independent Consultant) to support forward and back translations for study documents including translation services for focus group discussions and other transcripts of oral conversations for our various research programs.

Major Responsibilities
Major responsibilities will include among others:
• Forward and back translation of research study documents which include informed consent forms and other study source documents which may need translation from English to a required Zambian local language.
• Replication of final layout based on InDesign or equivalent files from the original translation and editing of documents.
• Able to translate audio files to scripts in different languages
• Ensure high quality of translation, accurately reflecting the meaning found in the original source language (most often English) and rendering that meaning in the translated work.
• Be in direct contact with a UNC GPZ project representative to discuss the precise scope of work and any specific expectations for each document to be translated.
• Providing quality checks including:
• Assessment and review of document;
• Overall quality review; Technical accuracy review, including confirmation of technical terms and check against usage in prior UNC GPZ translations to the same language (if any);
• Revision and correction in consultation with UNC GPZ project representatives;
• Making sure that the people who conduct forward translation do not conduct back translation on same documents
• Final check and sign off;
• Final product provided in an appropriate electronic format

Skills And Competences
We are looking for:
• Someone who thinks critically and can work independently; has excellent attention to detail, has ability to prioritize, arrange and assign work efficiently and has proven ability and capacity to deliver translations to meet tight deadlines, such as the flexibility to assign additional translators to complete a project on time.
• Translation firms/individual consultants should be familiar with the format and style used by health based research organizations

Qualifications And Experience
1. Technical Qualifications:
• Technical competencies and qualifications of potential translators should be demonstrated by providing company profile, certificate of registration, Tax Payer Identification Number, staff CVs, certifications, and client references.

2. Language Requirements:
• Translations are needed from English to Zambian local languages usually Nyanja and Bemba but on a case-by-case basis, translations to other official/ representative local languages may be required i.e., Tonga, Lozi, Kaonde, Luvale, Lunda.

3. Experience:
• The translation firm/individual should have a minimum of seven (7) years of experience in technical translation of health related documents.
• Experience in translations for non-governmental organizations or research institutions would be an added advantage.

4. Additional Requirements:
• The translation firm/individual should provide rates for editing, formatting and proofreading
• Provide names and points of contact information for at least three (3) current references (include email address)

Deadline of this Job: 04 September 2022
Job Title – Mpumba Conservation Officer
Location – Mununga, Lavushimanda district, Muchinga province
Reporting line – Mpumba CFA project manager
Job context
WeForest is a fast growing international non-profit association with headquarters in Belgium and legal entities in France, USA, Ethiopia and Zambia. The organization is promoting Forest Landscape Restoration (FLR) best practices and our activities are growing as we are looking for an experienced conservation officer to further capacitate the Zambia team.
Zambia programme
WeForest has been active around reforestation and non-timber livelihood creation with local communities in Zambia since 2011. Currently, five projects are running, two in the Copperbelt and three in Muchinga provinces.
The Mpumba CFA project in Muchinga province covers three Community Forest Areas (CFAs) and aims to enhance the ecological integrity of natural resources and the resilience and health of natural resource-dependent communities through sustainable forest management practices and strong public-private-community partnerships and enterprise. This to maintain and improve the state of natural resources, such as the population size of key species while at the same time help to increase household food security in the area.
For this project, WeForest seeks to recruit a Conservation Officer to be based at the Mpumba office in Mununga, Lavushimanda District.
The Conservation Officer will be responsible to co-drive together with the Community Forest Management Group all sustainable forest management and conservation related aspects of the Community Forest Areas (CFAs). These follow the Forest Management plans and include, but are not limited to forest patrols and law-enforcement and fire management. They also include forest structure monitoring and ecological surveys.
The Conservation Officer will report to the Project Manager and will mainly be active in the field. S/he will also work closely with the Muchinga M&E officer. The Conservation Officer will be based at the WeForest Mpumba office in Mununga Quarry area in Lavushimanda which is situated along the Great North Road, app. 115 km south of Mpika.

• Together with the CFMGs, co-plan, coordinate and monitor of all Honorary Forest Officers’ field activities that promote forest restoration and regeneration in the community forest areas and buffer zones
• Together with the CFMGs, co-plan, coordinate and monitor of a fire management program that includes controlled early burning and establishment of fire breaks with Honorary Forest Officers
• Together with the CFMGs, co-plan, coordinate and maintain of the community forest areas infrastructure which includes access roads, forest boundaries and groves
• Lead the implementation of a forest structure monitoring program through permanent sample plots (PSP) together with CFMG and train CFMG monitors
• Spearhead activities that promote biodiversity increase on land and in streams and rivers in the CFAs
• Organise monitoring and evaluation through valuable data collection on the different conservation programs
• Record and keep inventory of all items confiscated by Honorary Forest Officers from law breakers in the forest areas
• Prepare reports on performance of the different conservation programs and communicate these to the Project Manager
• Ensure best relations are kept with the (local departments of the) Forest Department
• Education: a minimum of Diploma in forestry, biology, conservation, wildlife management or equivalent
• Language: Fluent in Bemba or Bisa or Lala and English (both spoken and written)
• Work experience: minimum 5 years relevant work experience in the sector
• Excellent communication and analytical skills
• Proven applied experience with sustainable forest management and conservation programs
• Have experience with conducting forest patrols and fire management programs
• General knowledge of fauna and flora and specific knowledge on forest restoration and regeneration techniques is a strong plus.
• Competent with Microsoft Office applications, email and other relevant computer skills.
• Conversant with SMART Tools, Kobo collect and other tools to monitor sustainable forest management
• Be willing to (relocate and) live near Mununga Quarry where the office is based in the Lavushimanda District, Muchinga Province
• Be comfortable with the challenging conditions associated with the remote area and wilderness

• Implement best practices in day to day sustainable resource management and conservation of the community forest areas
• Be independent and show own initiative
• Take ownership of, and perform the respective activities under your responsibility
• Appropriate and frequent reporting in full transparency and integrity, being coachable for improvement
• Handling internal information and data as confidential
• Contribute to safe and clean keeping of office and other equipment
Terms & Conditions
Duration of Contract: One year with possibility of a renewable 2-year contract afterwards upon performance
Salary: Level 3a. Officer
Starting date: 1 October, or earlier if possible
Location: Willing to live and work in Lavushimanda
Extras: Bonus of 5% based on performance, please note that there are no field allowances as this position is also expected to carry out fieldwork regularly.
Hours of Work: Full-time, working a minimum of 8 hours per day and up to 44 hours per week. Hours will however vary depending on project needs and flexibility is essential.
Reporting line: Will work under the supervision of and report to the Project Manager with regular contacts with other team members including the M&E officer and the Muchinga Manager.