Non government organisations Jobs at Innovations for Poverty Action, Zambia and Archie Hinchcliffe Disability Intervention

Deadline of this Job: 25 August 2022
Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) is a non-profit organization that creates and evaluates solutions to social and development problems and works to scale up successful ideas through implementation and dissemination to policy makers, practitioners, investors, and donors.

Position Overview
IPA is seeking 34 highly motivated and qualified individuals with outstanding data collection, people management and communication skills as a Field Officer to support the implementation of a primary-grade remedial education research project. The Field Officer will be responsible for collecting data by using various data collection methods. He/she has direct contact with participants and have a significant bearing on the quality of data collected and ultimately on the quality of data output. Below is a list of some of the general duties and responsibilities of the Enumerator, to be carried out as needed according to the determination of the Field Manager.

Specific responsibilities include:
a) Explaining project objectives and obtaining informed consent from all respondents before data and sample collections.
b) Collect and record data from the field through in-person interviews.
c) Submit completed tasks to the supervisor and discuss developments daily
d) Review data gathered from an interview to check if they are complete and accurate
e) Report any complication during data collection to the Field Manage as soon as he/she identifies the problem.
f) Keep all data collecting instruments safely and secure Effectively communicate the research to all participants in an easy-to-understand language.

Qualifications and Experience:
• Must have at least a Diploma in Teaching.
• Must be able to communicate well with children.
• Must be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines while maintaining a positive attitude and interacting well with respondents.
• Proficiency in written and oral communication in the local languages in the four provinces mentioned above.
• Previous experience with SurveyCTO is preferred
• Ability to work independently and to carry out assignments to completion within parameters of instructions given prescribed routines, and standard accepted practices
• Previous experience in conducting field surveys/Focus Group Discussions
• Excellent interpersonal skills: Ability to respectfully engage people in public
• Attention to detail and strong note-taking skills
• Must have basic knowledge of how to use Microsoft office tools, especially Word and Excel.
• Must be based and Stationed in Western and Central province in the listed Districts Preferably a resident of that district.
• He/she must be physically fit
• Good listening and analytical skills.
• Self-motivated and proactive.
• Ability to work under minimum supervision

Deadline of this Job: 03 September 2022
AHDI is a not for profit, non-governmental local organization working with local volunteers, parents and other stakeholders in the provision of physiotherapy and home-based education in three (3) provinces of Zambia; Lusaka, Southern and Eastern provinces
The vision, mission and the objectives (goals) of AHDI endeavor to address the rights of children with disabilities such as education, health and protection from all forms of abuse.
AHDI works with the government of Zambia through the District Medical Office; the main stakeholders, in the Health Centers which AHDI uses for outreach programmes. It partners with the communities in the delivery of services and has been advocating for better services for children with disabilities
AHDI works to ensure that children with cerebral palsy and others with allied conditions can experience full inclusion and development.

Programme: Archie Hinchcliffe Disability Intervention
Responsible for: Resource Mobilization
Key contacts: Donors, collaborating partners and networking
AHDI Management and staff
Purpose of the job: Primarily raise funds for implementation and scale up of the program. The Fundraising Officer is charged with the responsibility of managing activities related to analysis, planning, execution, control, and evaluation of fundraising (and public relations) programmes.

Qualifications and experience
• Develop a resource mobilization strategy and action plan
• Develop winning proposals enabling expanding the funder profile to reach a minimum of one major and any other type of new funding partner in the first year.
• Map and maintain database of international and local donor/ funding.
• Regularly monitor donor website and identify donor opportunities matching the work of the organisation.
• Review and maintain a website and update it regularly:( including being responsible to facilitate and ensure that AHDI has a robust website with ability to record number of viewed, frequently asked questions as well as a traceable feedback mechanism.
• AHDI will use the website to improve information and communication/visibility on disability. For resource mobilization, advocacy, and prevention.
• Develop AHDI funding strategy.
• Work with other AHDI staff team members to Maintain / strengthen relationships with existing donors Through ensuring compliance and communicating successes, lessons more effectively.
• Develop other communication materials for AHDI including but not limited to brochures, website, DVD, posters and ensure effective distribution with traceable benefits thereof.
• Organise fundraising events for the organisation.
• Develop and submit periodic status reports on fundraising/resource mobilisation.
• Explore development of social enterprise that provides a service while raising funds for the organization

• Degree in business, communication and public relations, development studies and social sciences
• Demonstrated success in preparing proposals and grant application that have been approved for funding.
• Minimum of three years of strategic development and fundraising experience including donor management,
• Proven track record of successful fundraising.
• Demonstrated success in preparing proposals and grant application that have been approved for funding.
• Sound knowledge of the current funding situation for development projects both local and international
• Proven experience of working with sources of funding for projects to community work, education health, disability and child policy development.
• Knowledge of fundraising cycles, proposal formats and application procedures for key donors.
• Good communication in word processing, documentation and presentation information.
• Good skills in the internet and social media for business purposes.
• Team worker who is able to impart, share knowledge and skills with others
• Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision
• Flexible and adaptable in their approach, able to work indivisible.
• Fluent in English and any local language is an added advantage
Empathy towards children and other persons with disabilities
Able to work with minimum supervision to successfully implement action plan.
Willing to sign the AHDI child protection policy and abide by its code of conduct.