Technician Jobs at Coca-Cola Beverages Zambia, Hitachi Construction Machinery Zambia, Polythene Products Zambia, Ambex Supplies Company Ltd and other companies

Deadline of this Job: 07 September 2022
• Coca-Cola Beverages Zambia works with the world’s most cherished trademark and invests in the most exciting events. Our Office currently has the following opportunity available for a dynamic individual with energy and initiative, keen to impact from the outset.
• The position falls under the Manufacturing Department and will be responsible for ensuring that operation of the Line is according to work instructions, the execution of destructive and non-destructive quality checks and carrying out of autonomous maintenance. The Operator has a primary focus on the quality control activities of the team.

Key Duties & Responsibilities
• Operating the Filler Machine according to the work instructions and adhering to usage standards.
• Carrying out the required quality checks as described in the quality control and analysis work practice.
• Recording waste on the appropriate documentation or information systems, and reviewing waste trends to identify and resolving problems or opportunities timeously.
• Constantly reviewing process performance against target, and completing all short interval control documentation.
• Responding rapidly to upstream or downstream triggers that result in stoppages. Appropriate problem solving approaches, as detailed in the problem solving work practice must be followed.
• Performing housekeeping tasks, applying 5s principles and following safe work practices.
• Identifying and correcting unsafe work practices
• Carrying out flavour and size changeovers according to the work instructions
• Carrying out deep cleaning, lubrication and inspection of machines according to the work instructions, and following the schedules supplied by the maintenance planner.
• Carrying out autonomous maintenance activities according to the work instructions, and following the maintenance schedule.
• Recording the results of quality checks on the relevant documentation or information system. The references to the required documentation or information system are contained in the quality procedures
• Calibrating required quality control equipment according to work instruction and requesting assistance from the core lab where required
• Conducting trends analysis on quality data to identify problems and opportunities timeously.
• Fully understanding the team goals and participating in team goal review sessions.
• Applying the appropriate situational problem solving techniques (e.g. 5Why, quick fix routines, OPL’s (One Point Lessons) etc.) to identify and correct the problem.

Skills, Experience & Education
• Grade 12, O level with 5 credits or better
• Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from a recognized institution
• 3 years’ work experience in engineering support Manufacturing Operations (FMCG)
• In depth knowledge in packaging process
• Computer literate & good communication skills
• Team player & self-starter

Deadline of this Job: 05 September 2022
Heavy Equipment Repair Technician
Purpose of the role:

Carry out Maintenance works in accordance with Hitachi standards for achievement of company goals and objectives.
Duration: One (1) Year
Reports to: Mechanical Coordinator
Branch: Lumwana (To cover Lumwana Branch, Avantech Project, and Kalumbila Mine)

Key Responsibilities:
The H.E.R Technician will be required to perform the following tasks:
• Ensure safety standards are adhered to;
• Maintain a safe working environment and follow safety regulations;
• Conduct Workshop maintenance daily (preventive & corrective actions)
• Ensure good housekeeping at all times;
• Ensure workshop equipment is inspected and maintained in good working condition;
• Report all deficient/ broken and problematic tools to supervisor;
• Comply with maintenance plans for all scheduled & unscheduled repairs at the workshop;
• Check to ensure availability of critical parts in the warehouse for all planned Jobs;
• Ensure all Queries are quickly and effectively resolved to improve Customer satisfaction;
• Ensure Job cards are completed accurately and on time and submitted to the supervisor;
• Maintain and enhance customer relations;
• Promote the culture of safety, quality & efficiency;
• Comply with all incident reporting and hazard identification policies;
• Promote organizational culture exhibiting the core values of as espoused in Kenkijin Spirit;

Minimum Qualifications and Experience
• Must have a full Grade 12 certificate
• Minimum of an Advanced Certificate in Heavy Equipment Repair or equivalent.
• Minimum experience of 2 years on heavy equipment machinery in a mining environment
• Valid driver’s license
• Member of Engineering Institution of Zambia (EIZ)

• Hands-on Technical approach
• Skilled in Earthmoving Equipment Repairs
• Knowledge of the use of parts and service manuals
• Fundamentals of Electricity Knowledge
• Fundamentals Hydraulics Knowledge
• Good Analytical Skills
• Good communication skills
• Good customer Relations

Deadline of this Job: 15 September 2022
Polythene Products Zambia Limited seek to employee a dynamic and energetic person qualified and experienced to work as:

Purpose of the job:
• Operate a sophisticated lamination machine.
• Operator should have full skill in operation and should have basic maintenance knowledge.
• Knowledge of Nordimecanica (Italy) make solvent less based lamination plant.
Machine model - super Simplex L 1300.
Serial C 2096; Operation speed 500 M/ Minute.
Be able to achieve 1.0 to 1.5 GMS running different adhesive and substrate like
BOPP/PET/Pearlised/Aluminium foil.

Deadline of this Job: 17 September 2022
THE GREAT GIANT IN INDUSTRY. Ambex Supplies Company Limited was founded and registered in 1997 to provide high quality safety products and services to the Zambian industry. The company is wholly owned by Zambians and is run by women. The business was founded by a visionary who was passionate about the Zambian economy and its diverse group of devoted workers.
Ambex Supplies Company Limited Zambia is looking for 2 Fire Technicians to work part time
Based in Lusaka
Fire safety technicians will visit various buildings and businesses to look over the floor.
Plan, design and draft a plan for what type of fire safety equipment and escape plan is best for needed.
Determine how the building would be affected in the event of a fire and where it needs sprinklers or alarms.
Design a plan to meet these legal codes and requirements.
Create customized escape plans for workers or clients who may be in a building in the event of a fire.

Must have knowledge of how to install and maintain fire alarm systems
Install and maintain sprinkler systems
Knowledge of vehicle fire systems.

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