Tenders at Resident Doctors Association Zambia, Republic of Zambia, Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) and other companies

Deadline of this Job: 08 September 2022

Terms of Reference

The scope of work shall include, but not limited to the following:

  • Hold consultative meeting with the RDAZ Financial Policy Development Committee and National Executive Committee.
  • Review current Financial Procedures and Policies.
  • Study relevant RDAZ governance working documents.
  • Make reference to relevant provisions of the Law.
  • Undertake a Situational Analysis and establish working framework.
  • Develop Draft Financial Policy and Procedures Manual.
  • Present the draft FPPM to the Association.
  • Incorporate feedback from the Association
  • Produce final working document.

Key Deliverables

The purpose of the financial policy is to describe and document how the Financial Policy Development Committee, National Executive Committee (NEC), its branches and all other functionaries want financial management activities to be carried out within the organization. In order to accomplish this, it is envisaged that the FPPM under development will address the following key areas:

i) Assignment of authority for necessary and regular financial actions and decisions.

ii) Policy statement on conflicts of interest or insider transactions.

iii) Clear authority framework to spend funds, including monetary requisition, procurement procedures, approval, disbursement and activity retirement.

iv) Clear assignment of authority to enter into contracts with suppliers and merchants.

v) Clear responsibility for maintaining accurate financial records including Bank transactions and reconciliation, Statements of Account, Cheque Book, Acquittals, Invoices and Receipts Books.

vi) Guidelines on budget development/tracking, internal and external auditing of accounts.


The applicants are required to submit/demonstrate the following:

  • Firms: Company / Consultancy Profile.
  • Individuals: Curriculum Vitae showing relevant academic qualifications with minimum of 8 years relevant professional accounting and/or business management experience.
  • Quotation and pricing of services.
  • Traceable experience managing a similar assignment will be an added advantage.
  • Knowledge on Financial Laws and Taxation is mandatory.
  • Excellent writing and analytical skills with commitment to stick to deadlines.
  • The Firm / Consultant should have a good understanding of the regulatory framework of Civil Society Organizations.


The Firm / Consultant will have a total of ten (10) working days to conduct this assignment from the date of engagement.


The Firm / Consultant shall report to the National Executive Committee of the Association through the office of the Secretary General.

Mode of Delivery

The Firm / Consultant will produce all reports, in both editable electronic format and duplicate hard copies, submitting them to the office of the Secretary General.

Tender for the supply and Delivery of training equipment and tools for Nsumbu skills training institute in Nsumbu, Nsama district for lake Tanganyika development project-northern province at Republic of Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 30 September 2022

The Provincial Administration, Northern Province on behalf of Lake Tanganyika Development Project now invites sealed bids from eligible bidders to offer bids for the supply and delivery of equipment and tools for training students for Nsumbu Skills Training Institute in Nsumbu, Nsama District of Northern Province (hereinafter called "the Goods") as follows:

Lot 1 - Carpentry and Joinery Equipment and Tools.

Lot 2- Bricklaying and Plastering Equipment and Tools.

Lot 3- Fashion Design and Textile Technology Equipment and Tools.

Lot 4-General Agriculture Equipment and Tools

Open Bidding method will be conducted in accordance with the Bank's Rules and Procedures for Procurement of Goods and Works and, specifically, through Single Stage Bidding Procedures. The provisions in the Instructions to Bidders and in the General Conditions are those of the Bank's Standard Bidding Document for Procurement of Goods which is available on the Bank's website at http://www.afdb.org.

Deadline of this Job: 07 September 2022
The purpose of this consultancy is to promote a wider outreach and interaction among learners as well as key stakeholders on matters pertaining to education in Zambia. Among others, this will entail transferring of resource room materials to the digital platform and uploading relevant online materials on the digital platform. This will help ensure that the materials are being accessed by the public especially the learners as well as ZANEC stakeholders. Further, the intervention will also involve developing creative and engaging social media strategies and also providing links to the ZANEC online media platforms to make them more visible to users as well as potential funders.

2.1 Objectives

To promote digital learning and catch-up through a functional and highly interactive digital platform

Specific Objectives

To update the existing ZANEC digital hub with digital learning materials that will support the alternative modes of education so as to increase access to learning.
To create an interactive hub which will promote remote learning and catch up among learners.
To up-date the digital hub with all existing research materials which promote knowledge and increase demand for quality education.

ZANEC, with support from the GIZ Back-up Initiative, wishes to hire a consultant for twenty – five (25) working days to run the social media platforms and upload approved learning materials on the interactive information digital library. Specifically, the consultant will be required to do the following:

1. To collect education materials developed by the Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) or other partners approved by CDC and other Official study materials and upload them on ZANEC digital hub.

2. Upload all materials in the ZANEC resource room and other relevant materials to the digital hub.

3. To develop visible, creative and engaging social media strategies for ZANEC.

4. To link all ZANEC social media platforms to each other.

5. To make the digital hub more user-friendly and actively interactive with users.

6. To determine the posting schedules for the information hub as well as the social media platforms for the purpose of timely engagements and having more browsers visiting ZANEC on line platforms.

7. To capacity build the ZANEC staff responsible for the information hub and social media platforms on how to manage, upload and interact with the users of the digital platforms.

8. Develop an operating manual for the digital hub and all media outlets for institutional memory.


1. Inception report outlining the methodology, key deliverables, all activities and timeframes.

2. A creative social media strategy for ZANEC.

3. A list of all materials uploaded on the digital library with brief bibiography.

4. ZANEC staff trained on being able to manage the digital library and interact with the on-line users of the information hub.

5. Proven public usage and access to materials as well as interaction with ZANEC on the information hub (with statistics through google analytics).

6. Creation of engaging multimedia content on ZANEC Social Media Platforms.

7. Clear operational manual on how to manage, market and interact with users of the information hub as well as all ZANEC Social Media Platforms.


A degree or equivalent in ICT, advertising, business management, marketing (particularly digital marketing), public relations, media and communications or related field.
At least 5 years experience in developing interactive web applications, system design, implementation, and testing for Nonprofit Organisations.
Skills in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media and visual intelligence are a must.
Proven experience in online media management for Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and academic digital libraries will be an added advantage.
Ability to devote full time towards meeting the assignment deadlines.

Deadline of this Job: 12 September 2022

Call for Applications for Registration as an Immigration Consultant at Department of Immigration

The Department of Immigration wishes to invite applications from suitably qualified applicants to practice as Immigration Consultants. All Applicants must satisfy the following requirements:

  • Covering letter to the Director General of Immigration:
  • Application Form (can be accessed from the department's website - www.zambia immigration.gov.m;
  • Two (2) certified recently taken passport size photos,
  • Certified copy of National Registration Card (NRC) or passport:
  • Police clearance issued within the past six months of your application);
  • Proof of business registration (Certificate of Incorporation Certificate of Registration);
  • Certified copy of List of Directors (For incorporated companies),
  • Certified copy of list of names of partners (For business names);
  • Detailed Curriculum Vitae;
  • Certified copy of Grade 12 School Certificate or equivalent; and
  • Certified copies of professional/academic qualifications
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