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Deadline of this Job: 12 September 2022

Request for Proposals – Borehole Drilling at WWF Zambia

The World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) is an independent conservation organization, with over 30 million followers and a global network active in nearly 100 countries. WWF’s mission is to stop the degradation of the Earth’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature by conserving the world’s biological diversity, ensuring that the use of renewable natural resources is sustainable, and promoting the reduction of pollution and wasteful consumption.

The global program food security and habitat protection in the KAZA (KAZA Arise) is a multination project being implemented in the KAZA region. In Zambia the project is being implemented in three Game Management areas (Mufunta, Sichifulo and Mulobezi). The project aims to promote Agroecology and Healthy Herding while improving food security and reducing human wildlife conflict.

WWF Zambia now invites proposals to provide the following services:


S/N Description of Requirement Qty Comments


Siting and Drilling of 6 Commercial boreholes in different locations as below:

Mulobezi Game Management Area

1. Mabwe and

2. Bushama in Kalobe

Sichifulo Game Management Area

3. Guta Community School in Nyawa Central and

4. Mubuyu Community School in Chooma

Mufunta Game Management Area

5. Mangongi in Litoya  and

6. Section 7 area of Lalafuta


The requirement is for supply of borehole with ‘sweet’ water (i.e. Clean nonSalty water) and suitable for human consumption. Siting cost should be included in the financial proposal and please note . WWF Zambia will not bear the costs of sited dry boreholes. Each stage should clearly state the costs to be incurred;

1.     For Mobilization and Demobilization the following items should be specified:

a)     Type of machinery, equipment and materials that are required at the site to be set up.

b)     The cost for transportation of the borehole drilling machinery and equipment to and from the site based on distance (estimated distance from Lusaka to Dundumwezi is roughly 480 kilometers).

c)      The costs for clearing bush to be sited by Hydrogeolist and costs to provide for vegetation control costs especially under mobilization.

2.  Drilling, please specify the following items:

a)  Minimum depth should be 70 meters with possibility of exceeding based on the geographical location.

b)  Please specify the following cost of materials;

i.            PVC casing per meter,

ii.            screen,

iii.            gravel pack,

iv.            sanitary seal


Supply and Installation of Solar powered pumps including solar system to power the pumps


c) Please provide specifications for the following component of the solar powered system to be installed.

a) Type, Brand and Capacity of the Brushless DC Well Pump

b) Specifications for the (MPPT) Controller

NOTE: Please take into consideration – The MPPT controller must be installed and it should have the following features

a.     low well shutoff and

storage tank overflow sensors.

b.     Type and brand of Solar Panel Modules

NOTE: Specify in detail the solar panel systems size in relation to the pumps power requirements and be able to maintain a good performance in low light conditions.  In addition,  specify the panels range in terms of watts.

3 Supply and Installation of  water Tank 06 Supply and installation at the individual sites of 10,000 Litre tanks made of Fiber Glass material.


Supply, Fabrication and Installation of Tank Stands


a) 8 meter Height is required.

b) Indicate the size of angle bars to be used for the stand which should be able to hold a 10,000-litre tank


Reticulation and Civil works


For each of the Boreholes drilled, a water kiosk installed with 6 taps to service the community as a communal water point with tap locking mechanisms is required. Reticulation is estimated as below:

1. From borehole to tank for water storage – 50 Meters

2. From Tank (water storage) to water Kiosk – 50 Meters.

1. WWF Zambia will be considering quotations for borehole drilling.

2. Quotations due date and submission manner

All quotations must be received by email address stated below no later than:

3. Instructions to bidding suppliers:

  • Language for RFQ: English
  • All prices should be quoted in: ZMW
  • Suppliers should attach the following documents

1.            PACRA Certificate of Registration

2.            Valid ZRA Tax Clearance Certificate

3.            Valid trading license (s)

4.            Proposed methodology and approach in the provision of required services.

5.            Provide 3 written client references

6.            g) WARMA Certification

4. Quotations will be rejected under the following:

  • Incomplete submission
  • Not meeting required specifications
  • Request for quotes received after closing date

5. Payment terms: 50% upon signing of contract.

6. Evaluation criteria:

Quotations shall be evaluated to determine the lowest priced (best value) most technically accepted offer that meets WWF Zambia’s delivery schedule requirements:

  • Completeness of submission and Compliance with specification/ technical requirements
  • Estimated time of delivery
  • Lowest price offered
  • Discounts offered

7. Purchaser’s Right to Vary Requirements at Time of Award:

WWF Zambia reserves the right at the time of making the award of contract to increase or decrease the quantity of goods specified in the Request for Quotation without any change in unit price or other terms and conditions.

To apply for this job email your details to zcoprocurement@wwfzam.org

Deadline of this Job: 16 September 2022

Terms of Reference: To Conduct Digital Literacy Training for Teachers at Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC)

The Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) is a network of Education Sector Civil Society Organisations whose core mandate is to advocate for quality education for all Zambians.

The country in 2022 and 2021 experienced learning challenges with the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic which restricted face-to-face lessons. This made remote learning an absolute necessity for education to continue. However, remote learning was not effective due to technical challenges for both teachers and learners as a result of the lack of knowledge on effective delivery.

In light of the above, ZANEC through the support of the GIZ-Backup support programme would like to conduct a digital literacy training workshop for teachers in six districts in Zambia. The districts include Kasempa and Mufumbe in North Western Province, Mpika and Chinsali in Muchinga Province and Kafue and Chiawa in Lusaka Province. The districts have been selected due to their rural nature and research has shown that pupils in these areas were badly affected during the school closures. It is envisaged that equipping the teachers with the different learning tools available to support digital learning for learners would help ensure continuity in the learning process during emergiencies such as the covid-19 pandemic that forced the schools to close down for about six months.

The training will be for educators in institutions of learning which will include primary and secondary schools.

This activity hopes to

  • Equip teachers with knowledge on how to access educational content online using their smartphones, tablets or computers
  • Equip teachers with knowledge on how to research and access information online.
  • Provide skills to effectively conduct lessons using offline and online platforms such as Atingi, Microsoft Teams and Google meet.
  • Equip teachers with knowledge on how to use the different offline and online learner assessment tools available

ZANEC wishes to hire the services of a consultant to conduct training for teachers over a period of 12 days to:

1.            Produce a training Manual/tools for the training and future reference

2.            Conduct the digital literacy training for teachers in the six selected districts

3.            Produce an activity report on the training with clear recommendations.


1.            A digital Literacy training manual

2.            Training of teachers in the targeted districts

3.            Report on the training


  • Must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field
  • Proven experience and track record in having undertaken similar assignments.
  • Strong ICT, analytical, writing and communication skills
  • Ability to devote full time towards meeting assignment deadlines.

Submission Procedure
All expressions of interest with a detailed budget for the training must be submitted through email to the address below by 17:00hrs on Friday 16th September 2022.

The Executive Director,

Zambia National Education Coalition,

Baptist Fellowship Building,

Plot 3061/2 Corner Makishi Road and Great East Road,

P.O. Box 30774,


Email: admin@zanec.org.zm

CC: director@zanec.org.zm

Deadline of this Job: 16 September 2022
Request for Proposals for: The Provision , Installation and Training of a Chlorine Production Unit at On Call Africa

RFP No: OCA/2022/RFP/001-KZ

Due Date: 16th September 2022 at 16:00HRS

Description: On Call Africa (OCA) are requesting proposals for the provision, installation, and operations training of a chlorine-production unit.

Requesting Unit/Department: Programmes

Type of Award: Contract

Point of Contact: rachel@oncallafrica.org

1. Purpose

On Call Africa work in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Zambia to improve access to quality healthcare for marginalised rural communities. We do this by piloting innovative programmes at community level, that meet national objectives, and sharing learning to influence policy and practice. We also support the Ministry of Health to scale programmes that have built evidence of impact.

On the Solar for Improved Rural Health Systems (SIRHES) project we will also pilot a Productive Use of Energy (PUE) technology to produce a low-cost chlorine that can be provided to the facilities and sold to community members for disinfectant and water purification. By providing this low-cost solution we aim to improve hygiene at facility and community level, while providing a means of generating income to support operations and maintenance costs of the solar installations. This element of the project will be delivered by the Kazungula District Health Office (DHO) team and existing Health Centre Committees (HCCs).

As such OCA is inviting proposals from vendors with experience in installing such units with high quality as well as capacity build district staff on usage.

2. Scope of Work

On Call Africa is now inviting sealed bids from eligible and qualified Bidders to provide, install and train on the chlorine-production unit that will produce 120 liters of low-cost chlorine per day, with minimal inputs. Assuming the machine works on every working day (20 days per month), the machine can make 2,400 liters of chlorine per month.

OCA requests the procurement and installation of the unit as well as on-site training. We will request that contractors assess electrification needs of the unit and its structure to produce a Bill of Quantities (BoQs) for an associated solar-powered system to power the unit. Installation of the solar power will be included in a separate contract. The contractor will require the vendor to provide and install the unit and conduct training as a once off order for the project. The vendor will need to propose their initial pricing for each of the items listed below, as well as an activity schedule for installation and training.

Furthermore, OCA requests for a comprehensive training on the use of chlorine-production unit, including operations and maintenance of the unit and health and safety protocols. Below are the items required, as well as the quantities expected. The quantities below should be used for quoting, to enable comparison across applicants.


Contractor Requirements: A local representative/company of the production unit to be based in Zambia is required. This representative should be the focal point for the supplies of the equipment and provide the following services:

Oversee of the installation of Chlorine Production Unit.

·Provide on-site operation and maintenance training

·Provide a 1-year warranty

Offer long term after sales services (Including provision of spare parts, technical knowledge & services, and training)

Chlorine Production Unit Requirements:

· Quantity: 1

Production time per day: average of  8 hours to produce 120L

Production volume: 120 L of sodium hypochlorite concentrated at 5g/L
Quantity of chlorine produced: 300 g of active chlorine

Ability to connect into grid mains electricity with transformer and voltage regulator in case of unstable power (outages/surges)

Overheat auto switch off
User manual, simplified SOPs, operation and maintenance, logbook, health and safety guide
Warranty (repair/spare parts): 1-year

Requirements for Additional Supplies:

·Provision of timer system for easy operation (QUANTITY: 1)

Provision for testing kits for quality check (QUANTITY: 1)

Provision of production tank 120 litres, tap and stand: (QUANTITY: 2)

Provision of refined salt 90Kg (QUANTITY: 1)

Kitchen scale 5Kg (QUANTITY: 1)

Measuring jar/cup (QUANTITY: 2)

Set of 20litres storage non transparent resistant plastic bottles/jerry cans + funnel: (QUANTITY: 12)

Provision and installation of wooden storage cupboard (80cm high, 30cm deep) – 2doors, 2 shelves (QUANTITY: 1)

Provision and installation of air extractors 200mm with minimum 60litre or cubic feet per minute

·Personal Protective Equipment set; rubber apron, googles, heavy duty gloves, gum boots (QUANTITY: 1)

Sulfuric acid/ (H2SO4)/Battery acid for unit blades cleaning: 2.5litres (QUANTITY: 1)

Extension cable + adaptors set (QUANTITY: 1)

Specifications of goods provided should be exact with no deviations.  On Call Africa is seeking the lowest cost possible, while meeting the specifications above.

Warranty period of at least 1 year for the equipment supplied.  The warranty should become effective from when installations are done.

3. Proposal Submission Guidelines
The following documents must be provided to be considered for this opportunity:

Proposal following the section lay-out below:

General Company background, including:

  • Proof of business for at least 5 years
  • Evidence of supplying and delivering similar products in Zambia
  • Storage and Insurance of the equipment
  • Statement on insurance provided on items
  • Statement on warranty of each product
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Valid Tax Clearance Certificate

Official Quotation on an official Company Letterhead. Quote must contain the following key elements:

  • Detailed pricing and activity schedule showing a clear outline of quantities and unit costs as outlined above
  • Quote should be valid for 30 days minimum.

Training Materials

  • Operations and maintenance training materials
  • Health and safety training materials
  • Proposed training schedule

5. Proposal Submission Process

All bids must be submitted via email to rachel@oncallafrica.org or delivered in person to the On Call Africa Offices at 80S Chipembi Road, Off Tanzania Road, Livingstone no later than 16.00hrs on 16th September 2022.

Late bids will not be accepted.

4.Proposal Evaluation Process

We will conduct an open procurement process following our procurement policy. A procurement committee will be formed to evaluate bid documents and make recommendations. The recommended contractors will then be evaluated for the best value-for-money and complete a due diligence process. Only the successful contractor will be contacted.

5. Standard Terms and Conditions
The following terms and conditions apply to this RFP and any resulting award:

Pricing must remain valid for not less than thirty (30) calendar days after the application submission deadline.

To apply for this job email your details to rachel@oncallafrica.org