Sales Jobs at Stargate Finance Limited, Factory One Design Limited and other Companies in Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 
30 September 2022

Job Title: Sales & Business Development Manager Microfinance sector

A sales and business development manager is leading the sales and business development of the company. He builds and maintains relationships with clients and customers. Help promote and maintain a positive company image.

The manager is responsible of designing and implementing strategic sales plans that expand the company’s customer base and ensure its strong presence. He will control and monitor sales and business development operations.
The manager is working closely with customers and sales team to solve any business or technical challenges that they face. Help them with sales opportunities and drawing in customers. Observes the competition to see what strategies they are using and to stay ahead of the game. He will develop sales plans based on customer needs.
1. Management
• Designing and implementing strategic sales plans that expand the company’s customer base and ensure its strong presence
• Initiate, negotiate, and close agreements with government and corporate businesses through MOU agreement

• Control sales and business development operations. Lead, coach, mentor, and train sales and branch teams in understanding and addressing customer needs, business objectives and building customer relationship through excellent sales skills
• Monitor and analyze sales performance metrics and suggesting improvements through preparing weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales forecasts, budgets, and reports
• •Seek out new business opportunities, advise clients on product/service solutions that meet their needs, and resolve any issues or complaints.
• Recruited and train sales agents to develop a productive team with excellent product knowledge.
• Create and enforce plans that will help meet the needs of customers.
• Build long-term relationships with clients and customers.
• Work quickly to address and resolve customer issues. Be Intuitive to customer’s needs.
• Become familiar with the competition to stay ahead of them.
• Encourage high-sales and good customer service practices.
• Create strategies and work with clients to boost their brand.
• Lead the sales team and well known of the company tools and Technology to be use by the clients.
• Maintaining a deep knowledge of company products and services.
• Providing clients with comprehensive product/service consultations and guiding their decision-making process. Ensuring client satisfaction.
• Conduct research by identifying new business opportunities – including new markets, growth areas, trends, customers, partnerships, products and services including new ways of reaching existing markets
• Building and Meeting sales/revenue targets.
• Ensure that quality loans are disbursed, a quality portfolio is developed and maintained. Working closely with the branch manager to assure high level of customer service.
• Anticipating, planning, and supervising the daily activities of the team to ensure maximum productivity, and promptly raising scheduling or implementation conflicts with the Branch Manager.
• Supporting, coaching, and mentoring team members to ensure that the quality of work produced by team members follows the company standards and procedures, and legislation always.
2. Leading characteristic
• Degree holder – must have.
• 3 years of experience in a reputable Microfine organization – must have.
• Demonstrate leadership. strong communication and interpersonal skills.
• Understand customer relationship management (CRM)
• Strategic thinker and ability to analyze and solve problems quickly.
• Ability to work well with others and lead a team.
• Attentive to detail and organized.
• Be self-motivated, flexible, and able to manage several jobs at one time.

2 Front Office Sales & Marketing Team jobs at Factory One Design Limited

Deadline of this Job: 
26 September 2022


Front Office Sales & Marketing Team (x2)
Minimum Skills required:

• Ability to Interact & Offer Company solutions to Existing and New Clients.
• Make follow ups, Suggestions & drive sales
• Communicate and pass on all leads to senior marketing staff
• Answer emails and calls
Required Minimum Qualifications are:
• Full Grade 12 certificate or equivalent
• Certificate Marketing/ Sales or related qualifications
Relevant pre-job requirements
• Current students studying related programs.
• Having worked in a similar work environment
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