Environment forestry and agriculture Jobs at Biocarbon Partners and Mooto Holdings Ltd

Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022
BCP is recruiting for the following position: Senior Agriculture Officer. This role is responsible for increasing food production and nutrition security in LZRP and Part of LCFP partner Chiefdoms. This role needs to contribute to getting LCFP CCB Triple Gold verification ready by 2022. In addition, this role is responsible for improving incomes of household around LZRP and LCFP Project Areas in Rufunsa, Luangwa and Kafue Districts by sustainably growing enough crops for subsistence and excess surplus sales. The Senior Agriculture Officer has a key role in engagement by communicating to communities that these livelihood investments are a result of protecting community forests through the REDD+ project.

Stuff we will trust you with.
• Partnerships with GRZ, NGOs, and other partners to scale up climate smart land preparation, planting, irrigation and harvesting within Rufunsa, Luangwa and Kafue Districts.
• Technical support to partners and communities to maximize yields and household food security in Rufunsa Luangwa and Kafue Districts.
• Improvements in food and nutrition security and household incomes for 2000 households in Rufunsa.
• Catalysing Rufunsa, Luangwa and Kafue Districts farmer sales and marketing of surplus crops.
• Innovative Climate Smart Agriculture demonstration plots to eliminate the need for communities to make use of fertilizers or tractors.
• Introducing diversification of drought and flood resistant crops (e.g. Millet, Sorghum and Cassava)
• Plan and direct development and production of hybrid plant varieties with high yield or disease and insect resistant characteristics that are area specific and do well in Rufunsa, Luangwa and Kafue Districts.
• To effectively communicate internally & externally following the BOB ‘breakthroughs & blockages’ principle
• Actively contributing to communications efforts i.e. slack, blogs, images and face book updates

Problem solvers wanted.
• Relevant bachelor’s degree from an agricultural college
• Minimum 5 years’ relevant work experience required in an agricultural sector
• Computer skills and full command of Microsoft applications required
• Demonstrates integrity, fairness and cultural sensitivity and adaptability
• Strong commitment to achieving goals laid out by company
• Establish strong leadership skills in the form of resourcefulness, initiative and maturity of judgement.
• Ability to establish effective working relations in a multicultural team environment.
• Candidate must be innovative and develop techniques for conservation farming
• Ability to work and cope in a stressful environment with tight deadlines
• Ability to motivate a team to achieve a common goal

Deadline of this Job: 23 September 2022
Location: Lui Area – Senanga District
Description: The role of Farm Supervisor is to oversee and supervise farm operations such as; livestock management, crop cultivation, fruit and vegetable production and other agricultural enterprises. The Farm Supervisor is responsible for supervising farm hands; therefore leadership skills are highly beneficial.

Main Duties and Tasks:
1. Recruit, train and supervise farm workers – coordinate and direct their activities
2. Supervise a wide range of farm operations including cultivation, sowing, spraying and harvesting
3. Ensures deadlines are met for activities such as seeding and harvesting
4. Confers with managers to coordinate activities with other farm units
5. Monitoring staff rosters, hours, performance and resolving any grievances
6. Organizes transportation for livestock and crops
7. Oversees the work of farming units and suggests improvements and changes
8. Inspect farm buildings and equipment, ensuring routine maintenance is carried out and repairs are made when necessary
9. Installation, maintenance and regular monitoring of irrigation system
10. Ensure and enforce compliance with government regulations and health and safety standards

1. Diploma or equivalent in agriculture
2. Fluent in spoken and written English and Lozi
3. No experience is required – Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply
4. Computer literate