Hospitality Chef/cook Jobs at International Facilities Services (IFS) and Sherbourne Farms Limited

Deadline of this Job: 07 October 2022
International Facilities Services (IFS) is looking for a versatile and energetic person to fill the position of catering Manager at its operations in Kansanshi mining plc.

Purpose of the Role
To manage continuous catering production improvement initiatives on site and step change the processes and performance to ensure sustained,high quality and cost effective performance and delivery against the relevant contract.

Job key Responsibilities & Duties
• Ensure that catering staff productivity is maximized through the continuous monitoring and trending of process and equipment improvements and effective shift management.
• Drive and guide site managements decision making around catering operations, specifically relating to the process ,equipment and service requirements and associated cost implications.
• Standardize menus and catering and kitchen processes and procedures to drive operationalization across the site through continual monitoring, training and guidance.
• In conjunction with operations manager, work on new catering products and processes ensuring the requirements are planned, implemented and reviewed so as to be seamlessly integrated into current processes.
• Ensure that catering functions and activities conform to good management practice standards and promote a safe and healthy work environment through the continuous improvement of safety and healthy standards.
• Work with employees to identify and develop continuous improvement strategies that will drive operational excellence, increased capacity and cost reductions.
• Conduct assessments of catering operations to provide focused improvements opportunities to increase production efficiencies, eliminate waste, reduce stock on quality and performance against contract specifications.
• Ensure that meals, meal packs, event catering as well as theme and any other relevant functions are planned and prepared on to the prescribed quality that at least meets but preferably exceeds client expectations.
• Physically verify prompt execution of the above on a daily basis.
• Verify the correct quality of stock received especially perishables and proteins.
• Ensure that the meal specifications with regards to weights and variety as specified in the contract are strictly adhered to at all times.
• Design and implement duty rosters for the kitchen team bearing in mind production peaks & R commitments and other variables.

Qualification and experience:
• Grade twelve (12) certificate
• Appropriate post matric qualification in hospitality/catering.
• A minimum of 5 years experience in with at least two years in a similar position.

Job specific knowledge and skills:
• Health and safety standard
• catering and hospitality management practices and policies.
• Stock control principles
• Computer literacy
• Good verbal and written communication

Deadline of this Job: 05 October 2022
Chef Job Description
• Ensure the serving of quality culinary dishes and on schedule
• Ensure that no problem arises during serving; if any, it should be rectified quickly
• Forecast supply needs and estimate costs
• nsure efficiency of the kitchen and staff.
• Ensure production of quality and consistent food
• Perform accounting functions and scheduling of meals to be served
• Weigh in on patron complaints
• Ensure that the food servicing facility meets all necessary standards and regulations such as sanitary and safety guidelines
• Create recipes and prepare advanced items
• Assign tasks that are less complicated to lower kitchen staff
• Maximize the productivity of the kitchen staff
• Ensure proper equipment maintenance and operations
• Oversee special catering events and where necessary offer culinary instruction and demonstrate techniques
• Supervise kitchen personnel and their performance
• Manage stock of food
• Organize duty roster for kitchen staff

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for the Chef position
• Passion for food
• 2 years work experience in a professional kitchen
• Effective communication skills
• Ability to manage a budget and work with figures
• Ability to work under stressful conditions
• Strong leadership skills
• Ability to make quick decisions
• Ability to ensure high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the restaurant area
• Grade 12 school certificate
• Diploma in food production