Consultant/Contractual Jobs at Zamtel, International School of Lusaka and WWF Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 14 October 2022
Overall purpose
To develop and evaluate direct and indirect distribution business opportunities on existing and emerging channels of trade in order to increase revenue.

Job specification
Minimum Qualifications:
Degree in Business Administration or related field
Professional Registration: None
Minimum Experience :
2 years preferably in telecoms/FMCG industry
Key Skills:
Local Markets including market trends, good understanding of sales and service environment

Deadline of this Job: 21 October 2022
ISL requires specialised consultancy services to review our existing policy frameworks for Gender, Safeguarding. SEA and Child Online Protection; recommend and draft updated policies; and conduct training for all school staff on the same The Individual will conduct a thorough review of ISL policies, benchmarking them with sector best practices and identifying areas of weakness, gaps, or inconsistencies. S/he will draft new policy documents to bring ISLs policy framework up to date, and will work closely with the Head of School and Board of Governors to finalise the same. S/he will also provide training and support to ISL staff to understand and implement the updated pallcles. The consultant is expected to perform the in close collaboration with the school counsellor and the safeguarding team .

Specific Tasks will include:
1) Desk review of ISL policies and procedures benchmarked against sector best practices
2) Solicit feedback, perceptions and opinions on gender issues, safeguarding and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA) at ISL from students, parents and staff, through focus groups, surveys, and/or other methods.
3) Present findings and recommendation to the Board of Governors and ISL staff
4) Draft updated policy documents with guidance and feedback from the Head of School, counsellors and Board of Governors
5) Develop procedures and tools to ensure appropriate implementation and monitoring
6) Train ISL staff on policies and procedures and provide a period of follow-up support as determined together with the Head of School, Safeguarding focal point, and Board of Governors.

Deadline of this Job: 14 October 2022
Consultancy to Develop Architectural Designs
Consultancy Services

To develop architectural designs, prepare bill of quantities and specifications, and supervision for the construction of a 10 bed capacity guest house in sioma district and a 4 chalet community bush camp at Lusu on the Kwando Wildlife Dispersal Area (WDA) Community Development and Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation Project
(Kwando WDA CD & HWCM Project).
WWF (The World Wide Fund for Nature) is an International Non-Governmental Organization that was born from a drive to conserve wildlife and wetlands in the country. Our mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and to build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. The Kwando River WDA is the largest of the KAZA TFCA WDAs, extending through four of the five KAZA Partner States namely: Angola, Botswana, Namibia and Zambia.
The most significant conservation challenges faced on the Zambian component of the Kwando WDA are; a) Increasing human wildlife conflicts due to the recovering elephant and other carnivore’s populations, b) High poverty levels and high reliance on rain fed agriculture on inherently poor soils with low crop yields which is sensitive to climate change impacts despite availability of appreciable amounts of water for irrigation from the Zambezi River and its perennial tributaries, c ) Limited capacity of Community Resources Boards (CRBs) and d) High poaching levels of wildlife species and the largely unabated illegal harvesting of high value timber species such as Zambezi Teak and Rose wood which has caused depletion of the species in the Forest Reserves.
Therefore, the Kwando WDA CD & HWCM Project is designed to address the challenges mentioned above through strengthening Community Based Conservation by improving benefits streams for community livelihoods and increasing acceptance of wildlife conservation as a land use option in the Zambian component of the Kwando WDA by December 2023.
In that context, WWF Zambia wishes to engage a consultant or consultants to develop architectural designs, prepare bill of quantities and supervise the construction of a 10 bed capacity guest house in sioma district and a 4 chalet community bush camp at Lusu.
The consultant(s) will be required to develop architectural designs, prepare bill of quantities and specification, and to supervise the construction of the guest house and camp site.
Key deliverables
The architectural designs and bill of quantities shall provide the basis for guiding subsequent actions on the project ensuring that, these construction works are carried out with the right level of efficiency and effectiveness. This work will be performed in close collaboration with The Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) and Two Community Resources Boards (CRBs), below are the suggested deliverables;
• Detailed specifications and bill of quantities with prices for a 10 bed capacity guest house in sioma district and a 4 chalet community bush camp
• Detailed drawings for a 10 bed capacity guest house and 4 chalet camp site along with the specific dimensions.
• Supervise the inception, 25%, 50% and 100% of the construction stages while the winning contractor builds as per the design and price offered.
• Writing a progress construction report while visiting the construction site on every stage and
• Approve and write a report to WWF Zambia on the completion of the construction by the winning contractor.
• Eligibility: Required Capacity and Skills
• A consultancy firm or individual should have the following competencies/skills and capacities to apply for this short-term consultancy service.
• Profound knowledge on architecture standards
• Registered under the set legal provisions or under any other valid legal cover in Zambia and
• Commitment to meet the deadlines
Delivery & implementation
The identified institution/individual will be required to work closely with the WWF Zambia GIS Analyst and Technology Projects Officer in the Wildlife Programme. The majority of the required work will be carried out remotely.