Education academic teaching Jobs at Chishawasha Childrens Home and Cavendish University Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 14 October 2022
Position Description
Chishawasha Children’s Home is seeking to recruit a Head Teacher to be based in Lusaka. The Head Teacher will manage Colin B. Glassco Pre and Primary School located at 9 miles off Great North Road. The Head Teacher will manage the school making sure that everything is running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. As well as providing guidance and expertise, the Head Teacher will have a strong and influential presence within the school community. He/she will be held responsible for the overall education and academic achievements of the school. It is his/her responsibility to create a productive learning environment for staff and students.

Leadership and Management
• Provide leadership, good management and strategic direction to the school.
• Promote high expectations and standards through the provision of professional advice, reviewing professional needs and performance, and supporting continuous professional development of colleagues.
• Participating as required in the selection, appointment and appraisal of the staff of the school.
• Consulting fully with staff on the formulation, implementation and evaluation of school policy.
• Promoting the professional development and welfare of staff both collectively and individually.
• In liaison with the Human Resource Officer, implement within the school all relevant conditions of service, disciplinary and grievance procedures and other matters of the contractual nature.
• In consultation with relevant colleagues, assessing and monitoring the effectiveness of staff and providing reports as required for appointment and promotion purposes.
• To develop and maintaining school policies and rules.
• To motivate, manage, and discipline of staff
• Creating and maintaining a positive, organised, and rewarding teaching and learning environment.
• Listening to staff and students about issues in the school and reacting accordingly.
• Ensure staff are complying with school policies and rotas.
• Serve as a focal point person, attend to Child Protection issues.
• Take responsibility for providing strategic leadership for curriculum development, learning and teaching and meeting learners’ needs.
• Managing and developing the Zambian curriculum in accordance with the policies of the MoE.
• Encouraging the development of learner- centred teaching methods which promote effective learning by all.
• Preparing efficient arrangements for the timetabling of subjects so that the requirements of the curriculum may be adequately met.
• Ensuring the progress of pupils is monitored, recorded and reported to parents.
• Take a strategic role in the development of new and emerging technologies to enhance and extend the learning experience of pupils.
• Ensure that teaching and learning throughout the school is of the highest standards so enabling pupils to achieve full their potential
• Effective Management of Resources and Communications with stakeholders
• Ensure efficient use of all resources, including teaching material and equipment
• Ensuring that appropriate procedures are observed in relation to the health and safety of all users.
• Assisting the ensuring that school buildings are properly maintained.
• Establishing effective channels of communication among all staff and with all users of the school.
• Communicating with parents about the school and the progress of their children, in particular by arranging meetings between parents and teachers to assist such communication.
• Maintaining all necessary records relating to the life and work of the school and responding timeously to requests for information by the School Director or other bodies to which there is a duty to respond.
• Seek to form and maintain effective working relationships with all stakeholders.
• To act as adviser to the PTA and to participate in the selection and appointment of the staff of the school.
• Ensure parents adhere to school policies.
• Cultivate excellent relations with staff, students, parents and the community.
• In collaboration with the school staff and the PTA, promote the cultural and corporate identity of the school in ways that point always to excellence and effectiveness.
• Communicate important events taking place in the school to both teachers and parents.
• Organising school events.
• Making sure that teachers have access to important educational resources
• Preparation of the school calendar and approving teacher timetables.
• Work with the Deputy Head Teacher to schedule and conduct lesson observation and book checks.
• Develop staff through delegation and training/workshops
• Work with the Deputy Head in the orientation of new teachers.
• Ensure that the co-curricular activities serve the desired educational purposes.
• Keep sanitation and water supply in good condition.
• Manage national exams and attend to MoE matters.
• Set staff and parents meetings.
• Conduct assemblies and Open Days
• Keep teachers’ confidential files.
• Prepare school budget in liaison with the School Director.
• Plan termly activities collectively with members of staff.
• Assign teachers to school committees.
• Counsel teachers and students when need arises.
• Maintain and enhance staff morale.
• Provide opportunities for all staff to develop their professional skills through attending courses.
• Rigorously enforce the school uniform/dress code and promote high standards of behaviour both inside and outside of lessons.
• The Head Teacher will report to the School Director.

• Degree in Primary Education.
• Age 40 and above but below 55.
• At least 10 years of experience in a supervisory/ Management position in a school environment.
• Strong knowledge of teaching.
• Excellent time management abilities and effective communication skills.
• Being approachable to parents, staff, and pupils.
• Great interpersonal skills.
• Highly organised.
• Having the ability to be firm when necessary.
• Registered with The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ)
• Computer Literate.

Deadline of this Job: 14 October 2022
Position Description
Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia seeks to recruit a School Librarian to be based in Lusaka. He/she will be expected to take a highly creative and active role in the management, development and promotion of the wide range of services in addition to the day-to-day administration. He/she will work closely with teachers to ensure the library contributes effectively to the delivery of the curriculum and support pupils to develop skills necessary to make effective use of resources.
The School Librarian will be required to keep abreast of new developments in the provision of a school library resource service and developments in the use of ICT. He/she will also be required to manage the library budget/resources effectively and have a high degree of organisational skills.
The School Librarian will report to the Headteacher.

ToR for School Librarian
• To ensure that the library is tidy with all fiction, non-fiction and reference sequences in order and that all returned books are shelved.
• Work with teachers to champion reading and develop strategies to help struggling readers.
• To be responsible for the supervision and management of the behaviour of students and to have responsibility for student health and safety in the Library
• To be creative and imaginative in the displays of books, posters and other materials, to encourage reading and book borrowing.
• To monitor pupils’ reading activity and habits and accurately record achievement / rewards.
• To encourage and enable all library users to develop their love of reading.
• To encourage pupils and staff in using the library through supporting a range of library-based activities, including pupils from Pre- School to Upper Primary.
• To introduce and maintain library clerical procedures to keep a proper inventory of all library and reading schemes materials.
• To keep abreast of all librarianship developments, particularly in educational fields, by attending seminars and workshops, visiting other institutions and reading the relevant literature and publications.
• Solutions-oriented resiliency to respond positively and effectively to challenges.
• Draw upon different sources to make reading fiction and nonfiction more enjoyable for students.
• To encourage the active participation of teachers and students in accessing all the facilities and resources available.
• To assist in developing, implementing and maintaining a policy for the management and use of the library resource centre as a resource which supports learning and teaching in the school.
• To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the service provided by the library resource centre and implement changes where necessary.
• Researching and purchase new texts to keep the library current and reading material exciting.
• To supervise the loan and return of materials to staff and pupils.
• To buy the day’s newspapers.
• To maintain cumulative records of library stock and issues and send out overdue notices
• To arrange monthly displays, relating to fiction and non-fiction materials.
• To order new library stock as required and process new library stock.
• To withdraw stock which is of no further use to the library.
• To produce termly reports to School Director on library stock and developmental needs in relation to the librarian’s role in supporting the school and its pupils.
• Any other duties commensurate with the post as directed by the Headteacher

• A full Grade 12 certificate
• Diploma/ Degree in Library Studies
• Three years hands-on experience in managing a school library.
• At least 25 years old
• Experience of working with databases and digital resources.
• Ability to develop a positive relationship with all library users.
• Confident IT skills including Microsoft Word and Excel.
• Good communication and organisational skills.
• A positive mindset and a drive for personal excellence.
• Excellent knowledge of a wide range of literature for children.
An interest in continuous professional development and a willingness to undertake relevant training, for example in library software packages.

Deadline of this Job: 14 October 2022
Cavendish University Zambia has the following lecturing job opportunities under its School of Business and Information Technology. Lecturers are responsible for developing/enhancing course content, teaching and learning, supervising postgraduate students, research and service to the university and society. At Cavendish University, Lecturers are required to accomplish their duties in teaching and learning in a manner that demonstrates continuous improvement and global best practices in pedagogy and digital skills and tools. All lecturers are encouraged to engage in research activities, attend conferences and publish their research findings in journals and books as appropriate. In the sphere of service, Lecturers are expected to carry out administrative duties as assigned by the Head of Department or the Dean’s office, and also to contribute to the University’s annual community service initiatives and goals.

1. An earned PhD in the relevant field from a registered/accredited University will be an added advantage (ZAQA-validated)
2. MSc in Computing or its equivalent, from a registered/accredited University (ZAQA-validated)
3. Bachelor of Computer Science or its equivalent from a registered/accredited University (ZAQA-validated)
4. A Postgraduate Diploma in Teaching/Lecturing methodology
5. At least five (5) years’ experience of lecturing at tertiary level in a reputable institution
6. Five (5) years industrial experience.
7. Evidence of engagement in research and publication.
8. Competent in English communication both spoken and written