Non government organisations Jobs at COMESA, Family Legacy and International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Deadline of this Job: 31 October 2022
The Regional Trade Information Desk Officer Coordinator will be responsible for supervising TIDOs to ensure that they successfully perform their duties, deliver against the objectives agreed-upon in their respective work plans, and respect the working hours established by COMESA Secretariat. He/she will check and sign on the monthly timesheets submitted by the TID officers before submitting them to the project management. He/She will play a big role in the organization of workshops/trainings at the selected borders, as well as in the delivery of various communications & dissemination exercises. JBC (to be developed)

The Regional Trade Information Desk Officer Coordinator will be responsible for the following:
i) Take stock of existing Trade Information Desks (TIDs) on both sides of each GLTFIP target border, including current staff and related capacity, office equipment, and dissemination materials, and list gaps to be filled in each area;
ii) In coordination with the Project Coordinator, proceed to the timely recruitment of qualified Trade Information Desk Officers (TIDOs) in each GLTFIP country, in the maximum number of two (2) per each side of each border post. In coordination with the Project Procurement Expert, and in accordance with the agreed-upon project procurement plan, proceed to the timely procurement of the necessary office equipment at each GLTFIP TID;
iii) Lead on the organisation and delivery of training to all newly recruited TIDOs, including development of relevant training materials. Training should, among others, cover areas such as the STR (eligibility conditions, threshold and list of common goods), the COMESA Regulations on Minimum Standards of Treatment for Small-Scale Traders, customer care, conflict resolution and gender, as well as basic duty/documentary requirements applicable to small-scale traders;
iv) In collaboration with the various TIDOs, liaise with competent border authorities (Customs, Immigration, Bureau of Standards etc.) in order to gather details of the various customs duties, Immigration, documentary and other requirements applicable to small-scale traders at each GLTFIP border;
v) Support the Project Coordinator in the development of dissemination materials on the STR and the COMESA Regulations on the Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Small-Scale Cross Border Traders as well as on Customs duty/Immigration/ documentary requirements applicable to small-scale traders, and lead on their dissemination at border-level in each of the GLTFIP target areas in coordination with the various TIDOs;
vi) Gather regular statistics and trends on small-scale cross-border trade flows and on the STR at each of the GLTFIP borders, and lead on their dissemination at border-level in coordination with the Project Coordinator. Work with the local GRS ( all complait must be transmisted to the closest GRM in country;
vii) Conduct regular field monitoring visits to each of the GLTFIP border areas, in order to supervise the work of the TIDOs and provide them with regular guidance and mentoring as appropriate;
viii) Prepare and circulate regular reports on the TIDOs work and prevailing situation of small-scale trade at the project borders; and
ix) Within a year propose an exist strategy. The TIDO coordinator will need to find a sustainable solution within eighteen (18) months.

Procurement Expert job at COMESA

Deadline of this Job: 31 October 2022
The Project Coordinator will be responsible for planning and execution of the project, in terms of daily practical management of the project and coordination of the activities of the project. The Project coordinator will work closely with the Trade expert in the Division of Trade and Customs.

The Project Coordinator will perform the following main functions in order to ensure overall delivery of the project: The main role of the Project Coordinator is the execution and day to day implementation of the GLTFIP in COMESA and in coordination with project countries. He/she will be responsible for the facilitation of the smooth planning and execution of the COMESA Component of the GLTFIP. The Terms of Reference of the Project Coordinator include the following:
1. Provision of oversight and execution of the GLTFIP;
2. Provision of technical and advisory support to the activities and related processes that impinge on the project;
• Ensuring that timelines and the GLTFIP work programme are implemented expeditiously;
1. Preparation of work-plans, monthly and quarterly progress reports;
2. Conduct policy dialogue with GLTFIP countries on the STR, including review of existing regimes and of related thresholds and lists of common goods at the four target borders, in order to facilitate adoption of a harmonized STR at each of them;
3. Provide support to the two countries for an effective implementation of the STR;
4. Lead on the organisation and delivery of capacity building exercises for relevant staff of GLTFIP country counterparts, in close coordination with the country coordinators;
5. Facilitate regional meetings of GLTFIP stakeholders associations of cross border traders and border officials of the countries involved in the project;
6. Lead on the production of publicity materials including videos, documentaries, websites brochures, posters etc., relating to the STR and application of Regulations on Minimum Standards for the Treatment of Small Scale Cross-Border Traders, and ensure their effective dissemination at regional/national level and also at each of the facilities to be targeted by the GLTFIP;
7. Support statistics experts in the Secretariat and the Member States already capturing gender disaggregated data on cross-border trade to produce regionally standardised instruments and methods of gathering and analysing data on trade flows under the STR and activities under the programme;
8. Coordinate with project countries the aggregation at the project/regional level of monitoring and evaluation data and supervise the development of biannual project monitoring and evaluation reports;
9. Provide progress reports and secretarial services to the COMESA Project Steering Committee in collaboration with the International Cooperation and Partnership Unit;
10. Participate in the Regional Coordination Committee of the GLTFIP;
11. In collaboration with the TID Field Coordinator, work with the Member States in the project to set up Trade Information Desks at the borders where needed and to arrange training of the TIDOs in data collection and procedures for clearing small consignments;
12. Supervise field project staff including staff based in selected border regions; and
13. Implement and maintain an adequate control environment to manage fiduciary (procurement and financial management) risks of the project.

• A work programme for the COMESA component of the GLTFIP within four weeks of commencement of his/her contract;
• Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports;
• Development of initial/draft TORs for consultants that would be utilised to deliver the consultancies/trainings envisaged in the project Report;
• Coordination of the regional aspects of the programme with other national and regional ones by involving relevant government ministries in the two project countries;
• Management and dissemination of data collected by TIDs;
• Development of policy briefs and e-newslaper articles for communication/publicity purposes;
• Organization of the Project Steering Committee and of the Regional Coordination Committee and preparation of agendas and reports of the meetings;
• Maintaining and continuously updating the project procurement plan and project implementation manual;
• Overseeing preparation of M & E reports; and
• Providing any other deliverables as may be determined from time to time by the supervising authority within the scope of COMESA activities in the GLTFIP.

Coordinator – Child protection and Special Projects – WASHM job at Family Legacy

Deadline of this Job: 20 October 2022
Family Legacy Missions Zambia (FLMZ) is a Faith based organization that upholds Christian values and morals in the education of the orphaned and vulnerable children it serves. The organization seeks to recruit suitably qualified, experienced, and competent individuals who will demonstrate commitment to FL’s mission, vision, and values for the following position:

Job Summary
The overall responsibility of the Child Protection and Special Projects coordinator will be to coordinate activities aimed at creating a safe and comfortable environment for students through the implantation of Child protection and WASHM initiatives. He/she will also contribute to child protection policy reviews and participate in developing and implementing child protection and WASHM strategic plans/programs. He/ She will ensure the implementation of FLMZ’s WASHM and Child protection strategy and program implementation, He/she will support the building of capacity of staff and stakeholders in WASHM and Child protection.

Dimensions of the Role:
• Coordinates the implementation of Child Protection policy and WASHM project activities.
• Coordinates and facilitates Child Protection and WASH training.
• Responds to child protection cases and WASHM needs for schools
• Provide direction to staff with regards to Child Protection and WASHM in line with FLMZ’s priorities
Typical Responsibilities:
Procedures, process, and applications support:
• Coordinates the implementation of the Child Protection policy and other processes and procedures that center on the safety of a child and WASM initiatives
Child Protection
• Responsible for accompanying the child (who disclosed abuse) and the parents/guardians to all relevant and necessary law and health agencies; including but not limited to: UTH, local clinic, police station, etc.
• Primary liaison between Family Legacy, government agencies, and parents/guardians in facilitating the process of following Child disclosure.
• Coaching Family Legacy staff on how to handle initial reports of abuse (as per the Family Legacy Child Protection Policy)
• Working with staff, identifying and responding to Child Protection concerns.
• Attend abuse cases follow-ups from the relevant authorities such as hospitals and police stations
• Ensures that the child is safe during the investigation process.
• Ensure continual implementation of the Child Protection Policy
• Identify risks on the campus of child safety in collaboration with all departments and implement preventative measures/strategies to eradicate the said risks
• Risk assessments to be used as a regular practice in operations, people, and programs
• Identify and minimize unsafe situations in good time
• Respond to any campus staff concerns around Child Protection
• Ensuring responses to reports of child abuse are being adhered to.
• Supports Head Teachers in addressing minor WASHM needs
• Coordinates with Designated School Hygiene Trainers to schedule Girl’s Hygiene training and kit distribution at LAs
• Support staff conduct Girls Hygiene training and kit distribution across LAs
• Partner with Community Development WASHM Champions to organize and facilitate WASHM training at termly parent/guardian meetings using the WASHM curriculum
• Partner with School WASHM Champions to organize and facilitate WASHM training at termly parent/guardian meetings using the WASHM curriculum
• Work in collaboration with the headteacher to support the Facility Worker(s) and Food Handler to ensure they maintain standards about health.
• Proactively monitors WASHM at their school and identifies areas of need/opportunity even beyond those currently identified in school standards
• Implement and maintain prescribed reporting systems to monitor and evaluate the objectives, indicators, and outcomes of WASHM
Program Development
• Support in developing and implementing strategies to address child protection, WASHM projects, and gender needs.
• Support in Educating and sensitizing Parents/Guardians, students, and staff on Child Protection WASHM and other project-related issues in collaboration with other departments.
• Support in building links with other relevant groups and agencies regarding the specific programs being developed for WASHM and Child protection
• Monitor the progress of different programs and initiatives across every school and community
• Assess the progress of the implemented child Protection and WASHM activities programs relevant across every Legacy Academy and Community
• Strengthening partnerships with relevant organizations/agencies
• Liaise with school administration and government officers to promote good behaviors and other practices in schools.
• Support schools to successfully implement special projects and child protection programs.
• Facilitate and support schools to develop their school improvement plans for various implemented activities.
• Report all concerns and/or incidents of child abuse/ of WASHM within the cluster to the direct supervisor and work with designated staff on further investigations.
• Coordinate and conduct an initial investigation of child abuse allegations to determine if the perpetrator is within or outside the Organization.
• Report all abuse allegations to the police.
• Provide regular updates on all WASHM and Child Protection initiatives being implemented.
Records Management
• Regularly document child safety and WASHM matters in Legacy Academies and the community.
• Work in collaboration with Child Monitoring and Sponsorship staff and government field Officers to ascertain accurate knowledge on the safety of each child both on and off each campus.
• Maintain an updated caseload of high-priority follow-ups
• Ensure all findings of an investigation are recorded
• Submit disclosure report forms to the supervisor
• Document meetings held with LA staff and other partner organizations.

• Build the capacity of staff to respond to Child Protection emergency and WASHM initiatives
• Assist in identifying the WASHM/Child Protection training needs and propose training plans to the supervisor.
• Build the capacity and competence of FLMZ’s staff on both hardware and software components of
Special Projects
• Engage student guardians and the local community in program design and execution
• Create accountability structures for staff and students to manage special projects at their schools
• Support a system for the long-term sustainability of all projects
• Establish measurable program goals to track program impact and continuation over time
• Facilitate roll-out support initiatives for all projects.
• Provide structure, ownership, and accountability for all projects being implemented.

Other Competencies and values:
• Demonstrate commitment to FL’s mission, vision, and values.
• Must have a good understanding of Family Legacy’s Child Protection Policy and associated guidance and procedures
• Must have no previous convictions of harm to a child.
• Must have under-gone training on Child Protection within Family Legacy and have a sound knowledge of child abuse, risk assessment, and protection measures.
• Share knowledge and experience.
• Actively work towards continuing personal learning and development and apply newly acquired skills.
• Consistently approaches work with energy and a positive constructive attitude.
• Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
• Remains calm, in control, and good-humored even under pressure.
• Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
• Responds positively to critical feedback and offers points of view.
• Solicits feedback from co-workers about the impact of his/her behavior.
• Ability to network and be relational.
• Ability to work as a team and be accountable for any decisions made.
• Adhere to all deadlines
• Exhibited high performance in a previous role in Family Legacy (for internal candidates).

Educational Qualification and Experience
• Bachelor’s Degree in water and sanitation, Public health, or relevant technical WASH specialization Or Diploma with 3 years’ experience.
• Full grade 12 certificate
• At least 3 years of work experience in a related field.
• Fluency in English spoken and written
• Competency in computer skills (MS Word, Excel, etc)
• Experience in WASH strategy
• Experience in Child safeguarding /Child Protection will be an added advantage

Deadline of this Job: 21 October 2022
Since the inception of IOM in 1951, Movement Operations have been and continue to be a fundamental pillar of the Organization’s work. The organized movement of persons in need of international migration assistance is a primary mandate of the Organization and a cornerstone of IOM’s operations. This mandate has resulted in the international transport of more than 15 million migrants and refugees worldwide. Movement Operations Units in various IOM Country Offices, coordinated under the Division of Resettlement and Movement Management (RMM) in the Department of Operations and Emergencies (DOE) at IOM’s Geneva Headquarters (HQ), are responsible for all aspects of travel for migrants and refugees under IOM’s auspices, in accordance with the various framework agreements with resettlement and receiving Governments and partners across the spectrum of the Organization’s programmes.

Under the overall supervision of the Chief of Mission and the direct supervision of Operations Associate, the Operations Assistant (Data Processing), is responsible for undertaking data processing activities, with the following duties and responsibilities:

Core Functions / Responsibilities:
1. Record demographic and biographic information in MiMOSA upon receipt of the request for travel while confirming receipt to third parties, such as an e mbassy or Resettlement Support Center (RSC) and notify the Operations Associate of the receipt of new requests for travel assistance.
2. Secure, and account for travel documents in accordance with the local Standard Operating
Procedures (SOPs). Ensure secure storage of documentation and data in accordance with
IOM principles and guidelines while guaranteeing limited access to physical files.
3. Process exit permits in close coordination with supervisors and other IOM colleagues and relevant authorities.
4. Ensure the issuance and timely dispatch of travel documents with Operations colleagues, from booking notifications to logistical assistance with exit processes closely coordinated.
5. Prepare all travel-ready documentation for transfer to Field Support colleagues in collaboration and coordination with supervisors while ensuring the travel bag has all necessary documentation to depart the country.
6. Prepare reports as requested on the receipt of documentation to time of service delivery: inform supervisors on possible issues which need attention and suggest corrective actions. Report any problems encountered like denials of exit permits, reasons for such denials and possible solutions
7. Assist in preparing regular data mining reports in order to ensure that MiMOSA is up-to-date, accurate and maintains the integrity of relevant Movement Operations projects.
8. Provide regular feedback on work being accomplished to the Operations Associate and keep supervisors immediately informed of any issues that arise
9. Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of relevant Movement Operations SOPs and Movements-related systems and databases, as well as the ability to remain professional, impartial and unbiased during all interactions with migrants and colleagues per the IOM Code of Conduct and instruction on the prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA)
10. Maintain and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of all relevant paperwork in line with standards of conduct and data protection rules. Alert Operations Associate or management of any non-compliance to SOPs or codes of conduct by IOM staff members or partners
11. Perform such other duties as may be assigned.

Required Qualifications and Experience
• Six years of working experience with secondary high school education; Four years of working experience with Bachelor’s degree

• Prior Movement Operations, transportation-related and/or management experience a strong advantage

• Strong computer skills – Word, Excel and Internet; past experience with Movement Operations-related databases and systems (including IGATOR, MIMOSA SAR and Amadeus) is a distinct advantage

• Fluency in English (oral and written) and working knowledge of local languages spoken in the duty station

Required Competencies
The incumbent is expected to demonstrate the following values and competencies
Values – all IOM staff members must abide by and demonstrate these three values
• Inclusion and respect for diversity respects and promotes individual and cultural differences, encourages diversity and inclusion wherever possible.
• Integrity and transparency maintain high ethical standards and acts in a manner consistent with organizational principles/rules and standards of conduct
• Professionalism: demonstrates ability to work in a composed, competent and committed manner and exercises careful judgment in meeting day-to-day challenges
Core Competencies – behavioural indicators level 1
• Teamwork develops and promotes effective collaboration within and across units to achieve shared goals and optimize results.
• Delivering results produces and delivers quality results in a service-oriented and timely manner; is action oriented and committed to achieving agreed outcomes
• Managing and sharing knowledge continuously seeks to learn, share knowledge and innovate.
• Accountability takes ownership for achieving the Organization’s priorities and assumes responsibility for own action and delegated work
• Communication, encourages and contributes to clear and open communication, explains complex matters in an informative, inspiring and motivational way

Any offer made to the candidate in relation to this vacancy notice is subject to funding confirmation
Appointment will be subject to certification that the candidate is medically fit for appointment

Deadline of this Job: 
20 October 2022
Family Legacy Missions Zambia (FLMZ) is a Faith based organization that upholds Christian values and morals in the education of the orphaned and vulnerable children it serves. The organization seeks to recruit suitably qualified, experienced and competent individuals who will demonstrate commitment to FL mission, vision, and values for the following position:

Job Summary
The overall responsibility of the Community and Family Strengthening officer (CFSO) is to engage and ensure the participation of families and communities in children’s general wellbeing. He/she will implement spiritual and socio-economic empowerment activities for households and the community.
The position holder will also participate in the identification and development of project concept notes. He/she is responsible for the recruitment of vulnerable children for possible enrolment in the sponsorship program and recommends child placement in relevant programs.

Dimensions of the Role:
• Ensure parents/guardian engagement
• Support child protection functions
• Conduct pre-rostering and children recruitment into sponsorship program.
• Prepare households for children reintegration.
• Implement socio-economic activities for household empowerment
• Support Social-Emotional Learning functions
• Identify and recommend children for Tree of Life admission
• Support implementation of WASH initiatives and Child Protection
Parents/Guardian Engagement
• Conduct parents/guardian meetings to collectively address issues that affect learners.
• Facilitate character formation, with assigned children, in alignment with a Christian perspective
• Promote holistic growth and development among assigned children and their families
• Provide family counseling and support by encouraging the participation of the families to develop solutions to their problems.
• Liaise with interested groups and individuals to set up new services for the children.
• Develop and implement strategies.
• Cultivate relationships within the community to provide new opportunities for parents and guardians.
Child Protection and special projects
• Work with Child Protection Coordinators on conducting initial investigations of child abuse allegations.
• Train parents/guardians on girls’ Menstrual Hygiene Management.
• Ensure on-going implementation of the Child Protection Policy.
• Enhance child safety by identifying risks and mitigating them through implementing child protection strategies.
• Support WASH initiative through community-based activities.
Pre-rostering and Recruitment of Vulnerable Children
• Participate in reviewing the recruitment criteria;
• Identify and conduct vulnerability assessments on potential Camp Life Children according to the set criteria.
• Collect copies of birth records for pre-rostered children.
• Conduct home visits on all pre-rostered children to ascertain availability.
• Facilitate camp life-related activities
• Conduct sponsorship notification meetings for parents/guardians/kids.
• Ensure parents/guardian consent to child sponsorship by signing enrolment forms.
• Ensure sponsor letters for newly sponsored children are administered in accordance with the set criteria and due dates.
Program Support
• Support SEL in program implementation.
• Make follow-ups on Tree of Life runaway/missing children to ascertain the basis for escape and safety status.
• Work with Tree of Life on children’s holiday return and follow-up on the non-return.
• Identify and recommend children for possible admission at the Tree of Life Child Care facility.
• Respond to queries raised by parents/guardians regarding the care facility.
• Cultivate partnerships with private, Non-governmental organizations, and government sectors to support reintegration.
• Raise awareness on reintegration to parents and guardians.
• Conduct post reintegration home visits, to ascertain children’s adaptability to the new environment.
• Conduct socio-economic assessments to ascertain household preparedness.
Socio-economic empowerment for households.
• Build relationships with households by providing spiritual guidance and encouragement through home visits.
• Raise awareness on issues relevant to the community.
• Provide household counseling to establish functional homes for the children.
• Train parents and guardians on entrepreneurship and financial management basics.
• Form saving schemes for parents and guardians.
• Identify and develop existing programs that support household socio-economic empowerment.
Records Management
• Maintain ongoing, up to date, and accurate records of the pre-rostered children
• Keep documented records of assessments and information of identified children throughout the rostering process.
• Document meetings held with parents/guardians or groups within the community.
• Keep birth records for all pre-rostered children.
• Keep records of saving schemes for parents and guardians.
• Track attendance of parents/guardians during termly meetings.
• Keep accurate, detailed and timely records and progress reports of all Tree of Life families

Skills Specific to the Post
• Demonstrate commitment to FL’s mission, vision, and values.
• Must have no previous convictions of harm to a child.
• Must have undergone training in Child Protection.
• Share knowledge and experience.
• Actively work towards continuing personal learning and development and apply newly acquired skills.
• Consistently approaches work with energy and positive constructive attitude.
• Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
• Remains calm, in control and good humored even under pressure.
• Demonstrates openness to change and ability to manage complexities.
• Responds positively to critical feedback and offering points of view.
• Solicits feedback from co-workers about the impact of his/her behavior.
• Ability to network and be relational.
• Ability to work as a team and be accountable for any decisions made.
• Adhere to all deadlines.

Educational Qualification and Experience
• Full Grade 12 certificate
• Diploma/or degree in Development Studies/ Social work or related field.
• Vast experience in community development or related skills.
• Competency in computer skills (MS Word, Excel, etc.)