Data, Monitoring and Research Jobs at COMESA and Family Legacy

Deadline of this Job: 31 December 2022
Measuring progress and determining success at achieving the objective requires rigorous and consistent measurement of key performance indicators across the project countries and over the lifespan of the project. This requires the consistency of methods in data collection and accurate measurement and aggregation of indicators across project countries. The key indicators to be assessed include: (i) incidences of bribery/informal payments by traders; (ii) incidence of harassment of small scale traders; (iii) value of goods handled through improved border crossings; (iv) direct project beneficiaries disaggregated by gender; (v) number of value chains supported; and (vi) changes in profit margins. Additional intermediary indicators will be considered to assess overall project performance under the various program components. The main function of Monitoring and Evaluation Expert under the COMESA component is to consolidate country Monitoring and Evaluation report into regional report. The Expert is also expected to provide technical assistance to project countries to improve their M & E capacity. The Monitoring and Evaluation Expert will be part of the COMESA GLTFIP implementation team.

The main role of the full time Monitoring and Evaluation Expert will be to support implementation of the COMESA component of the GLTFIP on Monitoring and Evaluation. The Monitoring and Evaluation Expert will also aggregate and prepare consolidated regional reports generated from the country bi-annual reports received from implementing member states to coincide with World Bank ISR reporting requirements in May and November of each year. The Monitoring and Evaluation Expert should submit updated results framework with indicators updated from each of the project countries quarterly and bi-annually and based on a Results Framework that is being used to monitor implementation of the annual work programme. It is the responsibility of the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert to ensure methods of data collection and aggregation are in line with the Monitoring and Evaluation Manual and therefore must validate results with country teams before regional reports are generated. The specific roles of the Monitoring and Evaluation Expert will be to:
• Prepare and implement the COMESA level Monitoring and Evaluation Plan, including production of the overall M&E Mannual for the programme;
• Ensure the development of a state of the art online based M&E system that allows the uploading and analysis of project M&E data on a regular basis;
• Monitor and ensure the consistency of methods of data collection at border posts and across country teams;
• Support Country Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists in the Monitoring and Evaluation data collection, aggregation and development of project performance reports. This includes ensuring that the Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists understand indicator calculations and definitions and ensuring that raw data is valid and aggregated accurately from field surveys;
• Support the Regional Trade Information Desk Office Coordinator to determine indicators of effectiveness of Trade Information Desks and performance of Trade Information Desk Officers interventions at all project borders;
• Coordinate with country Monitoring and Evaluation teams to receive data and reports in order to consolidate data into a project-wide report. This will require the consolidation of data from each country team to analyse and calculate indicators for the project-level Results Framework;
• Coordinate with country Monitoring and Evaluation teams on the timing of the quarterly and bi-annual field surveys and data collection and to follow up with the teams to ensure Monitoring and Evaluation reports and indicators updates are provided in a timely manner in order consolidate reports and update the Results Framework in time for World Bank internal reporting deadline (June and December of each year);
• In collaboration with the COMESA Statistics Division, be responsible for the regional data analysis, presentation and dissemination through production of biannual, annual and other relevant reports;
• To observe data collection and participate in Monitoring and Evaluation related workshops as needed;
• Review the Monitoring and Evaluation manual regularly to ensure that it is updated to reflect any updates to procedures, methodologies, survey instruments, etc. and provide technical guidance in the implementation of the Monitoring and Evaluation Operations Manual;
• Provide technical support in capacity building of Monitoring and Evaluation Specialists at country level and in coordination of Monitoring and Evaluation activities at regional level, and cross-party coordination especially with regards to standardisation of methodologies and measurement timing. He/she will provide training and capacity building to the national M&E team and will help design the best methodology to collect and secure the data;
• Regularly follow-up on projects implementation progress as per the key performance indicators and agreed targets;
• Support collection of data on status of complaints and topical issues raised by traders and disseminate the information and lessons learnt at the regional level;
• Facilitate feedback on project performance to Project Steering Committee (PSC);
• Work with the Regional Trade Information Desk Office Coordinator to monitor and assess the STR. This includes the average value of STR transactions, estimation of the value of non-STR transactions conducted by small-scale traders and common commodities traded under the STR; and
• Prepare Monitoring and Evaluation updates and briefs in advance of Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC) meetings and follow up/implement recommendations and feedback to project teams and border posts.

Deadline of this Job: 20 October 2022
Family Legacy Missions Zambia (FLMZ) is a Faith based organization that upholds Christian values and morals in the education of the orphaned and vulnerable children it serves. The organization seeks to recruit suitably qualified, experienced, and competent individuals who will demonstrate commitment to FL’s mission, vision, and values for the following position:

Job Summary
The Child Monitoring and Sponsorships Officer will be responsible for implementing, monitoring, and evaluating the sponsorship program for a specified number of sponsored children within a given area of responsibility. He/she will also participate in program planning and ensures timely and effective implementation, administration, delivery, and completion of sponsorship program benefits. He/ She will ensure that all communicated child information is accurately collected, stored, reviewed, and quality checked before it is shared and submitted timely.

Dimensions of the Role:
• The Officer reports directly and regularly to the Coordinator
• The officer is required to do fieldwork
• Ensure continuous monitoring of the children’s wellbeing
• Provide accurate timely information and updates on the children’s well-being assigned to them
• Ensure to conduct assessments of children for correct placements and decision making on the right interventions for the child
• Support implementation of WASH initiatives and Child Protection
Policies and procedures:
• Ensure to comply with and adherence to all Departmental Policies and Procedures for effective implementation of program and activities
• Comply with and adhere to Child Safe Guarding Policy to ensure proper child safeguarding norms and child safety
Typical Responsibilities – Key End Results of Position Procedures, Process, and Applications Support
Assessments and Emotional Support
• Ensure to conduct Vulnerability Assessments of all Legacy Academy Students assigned to them and recommend the right intervention/placement for the child
• Complete annual Psychosocial screeners and other Psychosocial Assessments to ensure children are receiving the necessary Emotional care and support
• Collaborate with Academics to identify children with special needs for Assessment and Placement
• Support and participate in the implementation of Social Emotional Learning in Legacy Academies
• Conduct emotional support with students and refer cases that require clinical/specialized counseling to the Legacy Academy counselors.
• Establish nurturing and growing relationships with assigned children and their families.
• Participate in all SEL activities.
Child Monitoring and Home Visits
• Conduct follow-ups and regular home visits for child wellbeing.
• Ensure timely delivery of accurate information about the sponsored children.
• Responsible for ensuring review and quality check of all incoming and outgoing data on children from the campus level.
• Monitor daily school attendance to conduct follow-ups on all students who exceed the absenteeism requirement and submit reports.
• Ensure all findings of an investigation are recorded and communicated to the necessary staff/departments.
• Manage SP non-academic files, which include counseling logs, documentation of interventions, and any other that may arise.
• Communicate to school leadership and Coordinators of any child follow-ups based on attendance records and rosters.
• Facilitate and accompany home visits for all sponsored children upon request.
Data and Record Management
• Tracking and ensuring that specific Child updates are completed promptly
• Effective, accurate, efficient documentation and record keeping are in line with all sponsorship protocols, policies, and guidelines.
• Perform data reconciliations to identify any data anomalies of all SP children.
• Ensure all weekly import changes and attendance are compiled and processed for the database system.
• Ensure all deliverables for data management are fulfilled and tracked (discharge, death, transfer, maternity tracking, etc)
• Ensure all documentation and data of all sponsored children are properly filed and up to date.
• Ensure each Sponsored child has an AAR folder and all documentation on the child is filled for each child (home visit, transfers, etc.)
• Ensure all AAR folders for Discharged and Transferred Children are submitted to the supervisor.
• Maintaining ongoing, up-to-date, and accurate child well-being records both on and off-campus.
• Frequently collaborate with Academics to provide and maintain accurate and up-to-date sponsorship records and rosters.
• Strictly observe confidentiality and strong ethics concerning all beneficiary information/data.
• Sponsorship Communication
• Responsible for planning and implementing all activities and tasks of Sponsorship
• Quality, focused, timely review and tracking of necessary documentation/ correspondence required for strengthening the bond between sponsored children and their sponsors through letters, photos, family records, and various reports.
• Coordinating and ensuring that all sponsored children needed for camp, sponsorship trips, and parties are notified
• Processing and ensuring that field-initiated requirements and all sponsorship deliverables are fulfilled (transfers, discharges, letters, response letters, readmission, death, etc.)
• Conduct frequent random spot checks in classrooms to confirm the accuracy of attendance records.
• Ensure that all information regarding sponsored children is updated
• Respond promptly and effectively to all inquiries and specific child updates regarding all sponsored children.
• Facilitate child-sponsorship correspondence as directed by the International office.
• Administer and submit letters for all sponsored children.
• Capture photos and videos for all sponsored children
• Respond to sponsor child update requests regarding all sponsored children.
• Ensure all sponsored children are rostered for camp attendance.
• Be non-discriminatory and respectful in relating with people especially the sponsored children/youth and their families, staff, and other stakeholders.
Sponsorship Blessing
• Effective implementation, administration, delivery, and completion of sponsorship program benefits.
• Track and Distribute attendance blessing for all children eligible
• Ensure the distribution of blessings and other gifts to the children; communicate discrepancies to the Coordinator and supervisor when necessary.
Child Protection
• Report all abuse concerns disclosure and/or child protection incidents to the direct supervisor/ designated staff for further investigations and action.
• Work with Child Protection Coordinator to conduct an initial investigation of child abuse allegations.
• Ensure a high standard of confidentiality in all reporting.
• Strictly observe confidentiality and strong ethics concerning all children’s cases
• Conduct sensitizations talks for Children on Child Protection.
• Maternity tracking for pregnant girls and follow-ups.
• Ensure continual implementation of the Child Safe Guarding Policy.
• Identify and mitigate child safety risks through implementing child protection strategies.
WASH initiatives
• Train girls in Menstrual Hygiene Management and distribute girls’ hygiene kits.
• Conduct sensitizations talks for Children on Health Education
• Implement all WASH initiatives in the school
• Reporting and Monitoring and Evaluation
• Prepare and submit weekly, monthly, and quarterly/ reports on the implementation of various programs/activities/initiatives.
• To capture and track all departmental activities /projects in line with the work plan.
• Maintain the database of children assigned.
• Monitor and document all implemented program activities included in the annual work plan, focusing on results, impacts, success stories, and lessons learned.
Special Projects
• Effective implementation, administration, delivery, and completion of all project
• Policies and procedures: Coordinates with other Departments/Sections to implement systems procedures and processes to comply with Family Legacy.
• Reporting: Ensures that work plans are submitted on weekly basis and reports on a monthly basis.
• Support to programs: Oversee the planning and management of all sponsorship-related activities in line with established policies, procedures, and processes
• Child Protection: Provide oversight in cooperation with other staff to ensure compliance and adherence to Family Legacy’s Child Protection Policy to safeguard and protect children from all forms of harm and abuse.

Skills Specific to the Post
• Pays particular attention to details
• Promotes innovation and learning amongst team members to achieve goals.
• Communication clearly both verbally and written.
• Gains and retains credibility for personal relationships with others and job performance.
• Ability to work well with others in a multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural environment.
• Strong analytical skills in problem-solving and strategic thinking.
• Strong negotiation skills.
• Strong management skills in coaching, problem-solving, and people management.
• Ability to work effectively with others on a team and independently, especially under pressure.
• Excellent listener who understands and shows sensitivity to the needs of others/other programs
• Ability to adapt personal views to get the best outcome for the ministry.
• Contributes effectively to the work of other departments and the ministry.
• Aware of own strengths, and weaknesses and proactive in using feedback for self-development.
• Aware of impact on others and uses impact to create a positive work environment.
• Positive about change and able to cope well with ambiguity and support others in doing so.
• Adhere to deadlines
• Demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrates proficiency in technology operation; working knowledge of MS platforms.
• Demonstrates ability to foster and maintain appropriate and engaging relationships with children.

Educational Qualification and Experience
• Full Grade 12 Certificate
• Diploma/Degree in Social Sciences or related fields
• Competency in computer skills is a Must (MS Word, Excel, etc.)
• Vast Experience in a related field.
Crafting Compelling
Cover Letters