Deadline of this Job: 14 November 2022
Job Purpose
The Credit Manager will be responsible for reviewing all internal and external regulatory and ad-hoc financial reporting and information returns on the Bank’s lending activities. Custody and enforcement of Credit Policies and Frameworks. Ensure that the Bank is compliant with regulatory requirements in its lending activities. Optimize the Banks sales and reduce bad debt losses by maintaining the credit policy. Oversee the assessment of the creditworthiness of potential corporate customers and conduct periodic reviews of existing customers.

Summary of Key Responsibilities;
• Assessing the creditworthiness of commercial and personal bank customers. An individual in this role must have great attention to detail, as well as in-depth knowledge of continually evolving credit scoring and financial services products.
• Tale the lead in creating credit scoring models and negotiate loan terms with new and potential clients.
• Management of internal and external audits and the resolution of audit findings.
• Ownership of audit action log, resolving outstanding findings. Audit facilitation and liaison between internal and external auditors.
• Oversight of collateral custody processes and control. Management of disbursements of credit facilities in line with sanction terms and policy, including fee collection oversight.
• Regularly updating Credit Policies and Frameworks to be in line with best practices as well as evolving business products and strategies.
• Creating credit scoring models for risk assessments.
• Mastery, interpretation and application of the Banking and Financial Services Act, Statutory Instruments, Circulars and publications governing Credit Activities.
• Negotiating the terms of the loan with new corporate clients.
• Board Pack preparation oversight, extends to ensuring action items are addressed, resolved and reported.
• Ensuring all loans and lending procedures comply with regulations.
• Periodically review and update the Bank’s credit policy.
• Review of all Bank of Zambia Prudential returns.
• Management of diary for monthly Management Credit Committee meetings, including circulation of pack and minutes.
• Management of processes around disbursements of credit facilities in line with sanction terms and policy.

Required Skills and Personal Attributes
• Excellent communication skills (Written & Oral)
• Pay Attention to detail
• Exceptionally analytical skills
• Ability to Interpret complicated financial data
• Excellent organizational skills
• Excellent Interpersonal skills
• Excellent Negotiating skills
• Excellent Time skills

Qualifications and Experience
• Degree in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Business Management, or a similar field
• A Masters in any of the above fields will be a plus
• Must have at least a minimum of 8+ years experience as a Credit Manager, Senior
Credit Analyst in a Credit Environment of a Leading Commercial Bank
• Must be well-vested in Credit Analysis, Evaluation and Control Management
• Ability to work with most Credit management software
• Must be experienced in working with sensitive financial information
• Good understanding of lending procedures
• Must have an in-depth Financial Analysis
• Must be a people-person, with good interpersonal communication skills.
• Should understand the lending procedures.

Deadline of this Job: 08 November 2022
To provide and co-ordinate the end-to-end process of learning management, including defining, designing, delivering, driving, deploying, and documenting learning interventions in partnership with Line, HR and identified stakeholders, and according to set standards To align and integrate all learning solutions to business and talent requirements

Experience and qualifications
• Minimum qualification – Relevant Diploma
• Experience – Relevant Degree and ETDP Certification
• Additional knowledge – Tech savvy / experience with learning on multimedia platforms
Additional information and responsibilities

Additional requirements
• No Referral plan is assigned to this job

• Benchmark learning solutions against industry and global trends, design and develop innovative high impact learning solutions that are aligned to best practice with high business impact
• Analyse, record, and measure impact based on defined outcomes and success criteria post the learning solution according to the FNB framework and practice standards
• Prepare management reports and compliance reports to report return on expectation and investment
• Consult with relevant stakeholders to understand business requirements and document in measurable terms or business objectives
• Partner with Human Capital in order to ensure integration of learning and development into the HR value chain
• Enable reinforcement of learning experience with a focus on business and assist employee and line manager with alignment to relevant people practices and contextual support, and measurement
• Utilise Axonify and digitise content where relevant
• Specify program outcomes, conduct research, define learning experience, draft curriculum, and engage in course design for both internal and outsourced programmes
• Ensure that learning content is created, costs are calculated, resources are allocated, and effective marketing and communication plans are developed
• Check in on program progress and goal alignment and ensure acquisition of competence, and advise or render support accordingly
• Prepare all lesson plans, aids, tools, and applications to support learners
• Execute learning interventions, ensuring their delivery and facilitation for active learning and application

Deadline of this Job: 10 November 2022
The Zambia Industrial Commercial Bank Limited (ZICB) is committed to meeting its mission of supporting its customers' wealth creation and growth through provision of customer centric banking solutions to its chosen segments in support of commercialisation and industrialisation of the Zambian economy 24/7'. In line with its mission, the Bank is seeking to recruit a highly motivated, result-oriented, well qualified and experienced professional to fill the following vacancy:
Reporting to the Manager-Compliance the jobholder will be responsible for conducting monitoring reviews to ensure that the Bank adheres to set internal and external rules and regulations/laws. The role will also be to ensure that measures are put in place to combat Money Laundering and financing of Terrorism or Proliferation.

Qualifications and Experience required:
• Grade 12 School Certificate or GCE Equivalent
• Bachelor's degree in Finance, Accounting, Law, Business or any other related field
Three (3) to Five (5) years' experience as a Compliance Officer in a financial institution

Skills Required to Undertake the Role:
• Keen analytical skills
• Detailed oriented
• Basic Knowledge of business functions Good research skills
• Excellent verbal communications skills
• Strong writing skills
• In-depth knowledge of the banking industry including the applicable regulations and guidelines, and the Banking and Financial Services Act