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Deadline of this Job: 
18 November 2022

Job Purpose
The Agency Banking Officer will manage Agents’ activities and intensity in line with set targets. Ensure consistent visits to Agent’s location to monitor transactions as well as Agent’s overall welfare. Preparing daily work plans and discussing with Agency Banking Manager on building an agent portfolio. Reviewing Agent individual performance and recommending solutions to improve profitability per each portfolio.

Summary of Key Responsibilities
• Identify and onboard viable agents/ locations for onboarding
• Ensure optimal performance of all agents activated.
• Ensure branding materials get to Agent’s locations and are properly displayed
• Provide support on all activities related to Agent on-boarding, management, business development, and issue resolution.
• Preparing management and regulatory daily, weekly and monthly reports which guide on remedial action to be taken on each Agent.
• Preparing activities and schedules to implement on the Agent portfolio and obtaining approval from the Agency Banking Manager.
• Identifying new Agents and customers in liaison with Agency Banking Manager and arranging Agent/Customer visits.
• Communicating with Agents and Customers on new product offerings and changes in business conditions
• Ensure optimal utilization of POS terminals and mobile application
• Recruit and Monitor Agent’s performance: Transactions count against set targets
• Conduct periodic training for agents to keep them abreast of the Bank’s pricing model, product features, new initiatives and other activities in the agency banking business.
• Ensure prompt completion of account opening/on-boarding process.
• Prompt resolution of issues and complaints by POS Agents
• Conduct Periodic visits to Agent locations to ensure proper management and use of the Bank’s POS terminals deployed to Agents.
• Processing Agent Banking Application forms and ensuring each file has all required documents.

Required Skills and Attributes
• Good Communications Skills (oral & written)
• Confident
• Sober and Open Minded
• Problem Solving Skills
• Result Driven
• Target-driven
• Customer-centric
• Good organizational and I.T. skills.

Qualifications and Experience
• Degree in Business Management, Banking or any Commercial Field)
• Must have a minimum of 3-4 years of sales and marketing work experience in the Mobile Money Market, Agency Banking and Digital Payments Solutions with a Commercial Bank or Reputable Financial Institution,
• Must be working or worked with the Top Five Commercial Banks in Zambia or a reputable Financial Institution under Agency Banking
• Experience in customer service and complaint management
• Ability to self-motivate and manage self
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Customer orientation and ability to adapt/respond to different types of characters.

Deadline of this Job: 21 November 2022

With over 100 years of rich history and strongly positioned as a local bank with regional and international expertise, a career with our family offers the opportunity to be part of this exciting growth journey, to reset our future and shape our destiny as a proudly African group.

Job Summary
To provide specialist advise and support in the maintenance and analysis of operational data in order to provide accurate reports and information to relevant business stakeholders, through the execution of predefined objectives as per agreed SOPs.

Further Education and Training Certificate (FETC): Business, Commerce and Management Studies (Required)

Deadline of this Job: 14 November 2022

Job Purpose
The Credit Manager will be responsible for reviewing all internal and external regulatory and ad-hoc financial reporting and information returns on the Bank’s lending activities. Custody and enforcement of Credit Policies and Frameworks. Ensure that the Bank is compliant with regulatory requirements in its lending activities. Optimize the Banks sales and reduce bad debt losses by maintaining the credit policy. Oversee the assessment of the creditworthiness of potential corporate customers and conduct periodic reviews of existing customers.

Summary of Key Responsibilities;
• Assessing the creditworthiness of commercial and personal bank customers. An individual in this role must have great attention to detail, as well as in-depth knowledge of continually evolving credit scoring and financial services products.
• Tale the lead in creating credit scoring models and negotiate loan terms with new and potential clients.
• Management of internal and external audits and the resolution of audit findings.
• Ownership of audit action log, resolving outstanding findings. Audit facilitation and liaison between internal and external auditors.
• Oversight of collateral custody processes and control. Management of disbursements of credit facilities in line with sanction terms and policy, including fee collection oversight.
• Regularly updating Credit Policies and Frameworks to be in line with best practices as well as evolving business products and strategies.
• Creating credit scoring models for risk assessments.
• Mastery, interpretation and application of the Banking and Financial Services Act, Statutory Instruments, Circulars and publications governing Credit Activities.
• Negotiating the terms of the loan with new corporate clients.
• Board Pack preparation oversight, extends to ensuring action items are addressed, resolved and reported.
• Ensuring all loans and lending procedures comply with regulations.
• Periodically review and update the Bank’s credit policy.
• Review of all Bank of Zambia Prudential returns.
• Management of diary for monthly Management Credit Committee meetings, including circulation of pack and minutes.
• Management of processes around disbursements of credit facilities in line with sanction terms and policy.

Required Skills and Personal Attributes
• Excellent communication skills (Written & Oral)
• Pay Attention to detail
• Exceptionally analytical skills
• Ability to Interpret complicated financial data
• Excellent organizational skills
• Excellent Interpersonal skills
• Excellent Negotiating skills
• Excellent Time skills

Qualifications and Experience
• Degree in Accounting, Finance, Banking, Business Management, or a similar field
• A Masters in any of the above fields will be a plus
• Must have at least a minimum of 8+ years experience as a Credit Manager, Senior
Credit Analyst in a Credit Environment of a Leading Commercial Bank
• Must be well-vested in Credit Analysis, Evaluation and Control Management
• Ability to work with most Credit management software
• Must be experienced in working with sensitive financial information
• Good understanding of lending procedures
• Must have an in-depth Financial Analysis
• Must be a people-person, with good interpersonal communication skills.
• Should understand the lending procedures.