Security / homeland security jobs at Private and Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Department of Immigration

Deadline of this Job: 18 November 2022

General Purpose
To patrol and protect assigned property, promote and enforce safety and security and act as a visible deterrent against irregular activity.
Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities
• Patrol designated property to monitor and prevent intrusion, damage, hazards and breaches of security
• Protect property and tenants from theft, damage, trespassing or accidents
• Provide a visible presence that enforces safety and security
• Identify and investigate suspicious behavior, threats and irregular activity
• Respond to alarms and requests for help
• Monitor and control entrance and departure of employees and visitors according to prescribed protocol
• Detect and confront unauthorized persons and violators of security procedures
• Check property through electronic monitoring systems
• Enforce relevant laws and regulations pertaining to all individuals on the property
• Report rule infractions and violations
• Monitor and prevent movement of prohibited items into and out of property
• Conduct exterior property checks for maintenance issues, malfunctions or hazards
• Contact relevant authorities to deal with unlawful or irregular activities
• Use radio or other communication devices in a clear and concise manner
• Prepare written reports of daily activities, observations and incidents
• Inspect and test fire and security systems
• Implement the prescribed emergency plan in case of emergency

Education and Experience
• Gce O Level Certifiacte or High school certificate
• 1-2 years work experience
• knowledge of state laws and regulations
• Working knowledge of security operations and safety practices
• Working knowledge of enforcement policies and procedures
• Working knowledge of safety equipment
• No disqualifying criminal history
• Be at least 18 years of age and 35 years of age for certain positions

Key Skill Requirements
• Detail-orientated and keen observation skills
• Good communication skills – verbal and written
• Integrity and moral fitness
• Reliability and dependability
• Able to react appropriately in emergency and high stress situations
• Able to anticipate, identify and solve problems
• Judgment and decision making skills
• Maintain a professional appearance and attitude
• Flexible to work different schedules
• Meet physical requirements

Deadline of this Job: 14 November 2022

a) Must be a Zambian citizen with no criminal record;
b) Must hold a full Grade 12 Certificate (or equivalent) Note: The equivalent must be equated by the Examinations Council of Zambia (ECZ) or the Zambia Qualifications Authority;
c) Should be aged Eighteen (18) to Twenty-Five (25) veats by 31 December, 2022;
d) Must be physically, medically, and mentally fit;
e) Must be of good character;
f) Must be single and without children; and
g) Must be willing to undergo military training.