Design jobs at Shorthorn Printers Limited and Other Companies in Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 18 November 2022

Job Purpose:
To Undertake Designs, Concepts and Samples lay out based on knowledge layout principals design concept in order to achieve and artistic pipeline and work flow of production.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
• Undertakes timely typesetting of documents and publications in order to facilitate plates production
• Undertake s timely, the designing of the documents in order to
• Enhance quality work.
• Undertakes timely the production of Film Assembly process in order to facilitate Plate Production
• Undertakes timely, the production of plates in order to facilitate printing
• Undertakes multiple effectively the implementation of quality assurance programmers in order to assure the quality and safety of final product
• Undertakes multiple tasks at a time and prioritize work in order to meet deadlines.

Minimum Qualifications and Experience:
• Full Grade 12/ GCE Certificate
• Diploma/Certificate in Graphic Designing or its equivalent
• A registered member of a specialized professional body with 3 years’ work experience
• Good writing skills and ability to communicate in English