Logistics/ Transportation/ Procurement jobs at Fidelity Labour Consultants and Other Companies in Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 19 November 2022

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Transport goods, materials and sometimes staff securely and in a timely manner to areas where they are needed or as instructed by supervisor/manager
2. Ensure that vehicles are in road worthy condition and cleaned both interior and exteriod.
3. Carry out routine checks on vehicles and ensure they are sound before departing
4. Recognize electrical and mechanical faults and report to the employer or technician
5. Perform periodic maintenance on vehicles, such as changing batteries and motor oil at appropriate time, as well as refueling the car(s).
6. Keep all records, including receipts for vehicle maintenance
7. Keep up a travel log to record areas travelled to, travel time, and work hours
8. Follow all road regulations and safety standards
9. Maintain ongoing communication with supervisor
10. Any other duties as delegated by Management.

Qualifications and Requirements:
1. Minimum of 2-3 years’ experience in driving different types of vehicles.
2. Previous experience working in an automotive retail environment will be an added advantage

Deadline of this Job: 24 November 2022

To identify the best supplier, after having thoroughly researched and investigated all factors in terms of quality, quantity, price, time and continuity, as well as providing an effective back-up service to deal with supplier problems.

• To be fully conversant with current market prices of all items required by the hotel or catering department.
• To select suppliers with great care by researching their background, establishing their credentials and their standing in the industry regarding their ability to match price and maintain deliveries.
• To visit supplier’s premises so that the quality of their products can be verified, also gaining visual proof of their operating standards.
• To listen carefully to the sales person to obtain as much information as possible, particularly with regard to new products.
• To negotiate the terms of the agreement fairly, bearing in mind the price, quality and continuity of supply.
• To negotiate realistic discounts in terms of the above agreements.
• To maintain good interpersonal relations with suppliers, thus gaining the best possible service from them to the extent where they do a lot of the work for you.
• To ensure that dealings are made with a senior person in the organisation, i.e. one who has the ability to make decisions.
• To ensure that the correct numbers of suppliers are appointed, in that, though streamlined, sufficient options are open, whilst keeping the number of authorised items in check.
• To ascertain the value of new products through quality testing and field trials.
• To maintain up-to-date records of all suppliers, their products and price lists.
• To keep an index of all supplies handled, with appropriate comments.
• To continuously review commodities and suppliers to ensure that the best possible agreements are in operation.
• To investigate supplier problems, take the appropriate action and follow up to ensure no similar problems are experienced.
• To investigate and action account queries promptly, when these are the result of price variances.
• To abide by company buying policies and procedures.
You will be expected to undertake any other assignments that management may require you to do from time to time.

• Must possess exceptional communication skills
• Able to work long hours
• Be organized and have the ability to multitask
• Have a professional demeanor at all times
• Ability to handle tough and challenging situations calmly

Other Vacancies
Deadline of this Job: 21 November 2022