Tenders at Heifer International and Other Companies in Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 28 November 2022

Our goal is to help families achieve living incomes, which will allow them to feed their families daily, educate all their children; and have proper housing, water, hygiene, and other essential resources. When many families gain this new sustainable income, it brings new opportunities for building schools, creating agricultural cooperatives, forming community savings, and funding small businesses.

Heifer International Zambia is requesting for proposals from registered firms to supply 1,800 Village Chickens (1680 hens and 120 Cockerels) in Vubwi district of Eastern Province.

The proposal for supply and delivery of good quality local project area is as indicated on the schedule of requirements below:

Lot# / District / Number of Chickens / Distance from the Chipata to Mlawe Epicenter in Vubwi



Eastern Province





Mlawe Epicenter: 72 km

Number of groups: 18

Livestock Health and Welfare Requirements:

The chickens must originate from areas which are not under any veterinary restrictions due to outbreaks of any infectious diseases.
All chickens must be dewormed, treated for liver fluke and given a vitamin and mineral supplement prior to transportation.
The management and handling of chickens shall comply with applicable regulatory requirements and accepted national standards.
All Chickens must be transported humanely and in conditions appropriate for delivery of such animals.

Specifications of the chickens:

Village Chicken

Cockerels and Hens


24-30 weeks

Live weight

> 1.0 kg

Physical features

Should be bred from hens and roosters that produce 2-5 clutches per year on average and each clutch should contain at least 10-15 eggs
Should have a lively behavior
Should be able to brood
Should have a long straight back and a broad bottom
Should be vaccinated against Newcastle Disease
Should have internal and external parasites controlled

Health status

should have bright eyes and combs, smooth and neat feathers,
soft compact droppings and breathe quietly.
They should be able to walk, run, stand, and scratch continuously and without deformities


Contractor must provide the Country Office with the following documentation:

Poultry health program detailing every vaccination, deworming, and any other treatment given to the chickens
Results of all tests required hereunder, certified by a state veterinarian appointed by the Country Office.
Breeding records.