Accounting/ Finance jobs at Finerise Investments and Other companies in Kenya

Deadline of this Job: 05 December 2022

We are currently looking for mobile money tellers. the candidate must have at least one year experience in the same capacity, and ready to undergo figure prints clearance.

Deadline of this Job: 30 November 2022

Opportunity for a dynamic individual to join an expanding company and broaden experience with direct responsibilities, and through being part of an international group.
Job posting: Accounts and Administration Manager
Location: Ikelenge, North-Western Province, Zambia
About Zengamina Power Limited (“Zengamina”)
Zengamina is a fully integrated private utility in Ikelenge District, North-Western Province, Zambia, serving approximately 4,000 Zambians since 2007. Its power grid connects community households, institutions, and businesses across the district with power sourced from its 700 kW run-of-river hydropower plant and and distributed via its own grid network. Zengamina has recently started it significant expansion project that will hybridize the existing hydro scheme with PV and battery and add over 3,000 new connections.

About the role
Zengamina is looking for a capable and experienced professional to ensure maintenance of accurate financial records for the Company and to support the Company on all tax, compliance and accounting processes. The successful candidate will have a working knowledge of internationally accepted accounting principles, use of accounting software, preparation of financial statements and ad-hoc reports, and general knowledge of compliance requirements in Zambia. She or he shall be able to work autonomously, shall take initiative, and be a good communicator. The Accounts and Administration Manager will report to the Zengamina General Manager and to the Group Finance team.

Other Vacancies
Deadline of this Job: 25 November 2022