Consultant/ Contractual jobs at Akros Research and Other Companies in Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 30 November 2022

Akros is a cutting-edge organization that establishes data-driven systems that improve the health and wellbeing of disadvantaged communities. We pride ourselves in our ground-level knowledge of the health systems where we work, and our ability to provide novel, lasting solutions implemented in developing regions.

Akros Research is supporting a 3-year program, funded by the Mastercard Foundation and in partnership with the Africa CDC, to increase Covid19 vaccine uptake in Africa. This initiative, called Saving Lives and Livelihoods, includes multiple components and partners working to procure, distribute, and promote vaccine uptake in a safe manner. As a part of this consortium Akros Research will support Africa Union member states in the Eastern and Southern African regions to strengthen COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance systems.
The Consultant will support Akros Research in implementation and coordination of program activities, ensuring a successful implementation of the SLL programme’s COVID-19 vaccine safety surveillance. The Consultant will actively liaise with key actors within the respective government, district and sub-district stakeholders, stakeholders participating in the COVID-19 response, and Akros Research senior management to facilitate the realization of program objectives and optimize resource flow.

Specific Responsibilities
1. Develop collaborative working relationships with key stakeholders (MoH, National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRA), other implementing partners, WHO, and sub-national levels) to ensure that project activities are highlighted, and good relationships established.
2. Coordinate logistics for implementation at provincial, district, and health facility levels (Manage advance requests and ensure all expenditures are in line with set budgets).
3. Make follow-ups as necessary with the Ministry of Health and the NMRA to ensure all the required administrative data is collected. Ensure all forms and records are documented and updated.
4. Maintain regular communication with implementation counterparts at the Ministry of Health and NMRA. Identify implementation issues and help to resolve them.
5. Liaise with Akros Research to ensure effective and efficient program delivery and provide detailed reports to project leadership.
6. As needed, travel to participate in safety surveillance activities.
7. Translate key reports and findings into English.
8. Other duties assigned.

Minimum Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree (required) or Master’s degree (highly preferred) in Pharmacy, Public Health or any relevant field.
• 3-5 years of experience with program management.
• Strong experience working with Government’s Ministries of Health, donors, districts and sub-district structures and managing a dynamic team.
• Previous experience with project and organizational representation to the Ministry of Health at national/regional/local levels is an added advantage.
• Self-starter who will thrive through exemplifying ownership and initiative
• Excellent technical writing, quantitative and critical thinking skills
• Excellent computer skills with fluency in Excel, Word, PowerPoint
• Candidate should be highly productive and internally motivated
• Candidate should work well against complex and challenging delivery schedules
• Candidate should be culturally adaptable and sensitive
• Demonstrated ability to operate with minimal instruction in a fast-paced environment
• Demonstrated ability to productively communicate remotely
• Somali national preferred
This position is contingent upon securing and maintaining program funding.
Location and Term
This position is short-term not exceeding 20 days and will be based in Mogadishu, Somalia. The position is open to local candidates and will involve minimal travel.
This position will report directly to the Akros Country Manager.