Tenders at ActionAid Zambia Among other companies

Deadline of this Job: 14 December 2022

Invitation for Expression of Interest by Companies for the Provision of Goods and Services at ActionAid Zambia

ActionAid is a global federation working for a world free from poverty and injustice. We want to see a just, fair and sustainable world, in which everybody enjoys the right to a life of dignity, and freedom from poverty and oppression. We work to achieve social justice and gender equality, and to eradicate poverty. Our strategy is to build international momentum for Social, Economic and Environmental Justice, driven by people living in poverty and exclusion. In practice, this means working closely with people living in poverty and exclusion, civil society organizations, social movements and supporters. Together, we deliver grassroots programmes, provide emergency relief and campaign for things such as women’s economic rights, tax justice and climate justice. Our work falls into four broad areas: women, politics and economics, land and climate, and emergencies. We have a particular focus on women’s rights; it’s a thread that runs through all our work.

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Context:  We invite expression of interest by companies for the provision of goods and services in the following categories:

1. Advertising- print, public, social media

2. Courier services National and International

3. Facilities maintenance- painting, electricians, building maintenance, repairs etc.

4. Provision of Waste Management Services

5. Provision of Security Services

6. Provision of Cleaning Services and cooking services

7. Provision of Gardening Services

8. Provision of Accomodation in the following districts:

a. Lusaka                j. Senanga              p. Mbala

b. Kabwe                k. Sesheke             q. Mpulungu

c. Ndola                 l. Livingstone         r. Kasama

d. Kitwe                 j. Choma                 s. Mpika

e. Solwezi             k. Monze                 t. Chipata

f.  Mwinilunga      l. Sinazaongwe      u. Chama and

g. Zambezi           m. Siavonga            v. Petauke

h. Mongu              n. Kafue

i.  Lukulu               o. Luangwa

j. Mazabuka

9. Servicing of Aircons

10. Supply and Service of Fire extinguishers and Fire Detectors

11. Supply of Motor vehicle Tyres

12. Supply of Office Furniture

13. Supply of Stationery

14. Supply of Road Transport – National

15. Travel Agencies

16. Repairs and Maintenance of Motor Vehicles

17. Consultancy

18. Insurance – Medical Health Care

19. Deco and Catering services

20. Plumbing and electricians

21. Internet providers and Communication

22. Carpentry and fabrication

23. Legal services

24. Insurance – Vehicles, Computers etc

25. Interpretation of Languages

26. Groceries, Beverages and Food

27. Disinfecting and cleaning materials

28. Customs

29. Transport and Logistics

The applicant should provide:

A brief description of their company profile with legal; mandate/authorized business activities, year and country of incorporation, core area of specialization, expertise and types of activities undertaken, structure and organization diagram, profile.

Submission requirements:

All applicants should submit their expression of interest with the following documents:

1. Company Profile

2. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation

3. Latest Pacra print out.

4. Copy of Valid Tax Clearance Certificate and

5. Recent and current trade references

Submission Guidelines:

Interested companies should make their submission to ActionAid Zambia not later than 14th December 2022.

  • Current suppliers must re-apply. Existing suppliers who do not re-apply will cease to be on ActionAid Zambia’s suppliers list.
  • ActionAid Zambia restricts the limit to three (3) categories per company
  • Only successful companies will be notified after preliminary evaluation and due diligence/ site visits.
  • Please note that registration does not constitute automatic offer of business
  • ActionAid Zambia reserves the right to accept or reject any application at any time without hereby incurring any liability to applicants.
  • ActionAid Zambia will not request for any payment during and after this process.

Note: All applications must be clearly stated in the subject’’ Registration of Suppliers for the year 2023/2024’’ and include the categories being applied for.

To apply for this job email your details to info.zambia@actionaid.org

Deadline of this Job: 02 December 2022

Expression of Interest – Supply of Branded School Bags at ActionAid Zambia


1. Introduction and Scope of the Assignment

ActionAid Zambia (AAZ) is part of the ActionAid Global (AAG) Federation; sharing common values and aims to drive social change towards a just, equitable and sustainable world. AAZ works with marginalized and excluded women and young people, their organizations, and movements to address the structural causes of social injustice, gender inequality and poverty. AAZ Head Office is located at 38G Kabulonga Road, Ibex Hill, Lusaka.

ActionAid Zambia invites potential vendors to express their interest to supply the following:

  • Supply of branded school bags 6-10 years – Quantity 510
  • Supply of branded school bags 11-15 years – Quantity 1767
  • Supply of branded school bags 16-18 years – Quantity 943

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2.  Criteria of selection

A successful supplier will be based on satisfactory support of our objective in respect of cost, timely, quality and durability of the product.

To be considered, the suppliers are required to submit the following

1. Valid registration certificate from PACRA

2. Valid ZRA Tax clearance authority

3. A detailed company profiles

4. Quotation for the supply of items listed above

5. Three (3) Recommendation letters from previous clients successfully confirming delivery of the mentioned goods/items

3. Mode of Submission

Submission of the document appropriately bound and enclosed in a sealed envelope clearly marked “Expression of Interest to supply school bags” shall be done via the designated Tender box located at the ActionAid Zambia Head Office no later than 2nd December, 2022 at 14:00hrs.

Deadline of this Job: 6 January 2023

Tender for the Supply and Delivery of two (2no.) Core network Switch Routers for the Connection of Malaiti House at ZESCO limited


1. ZESCO Limited has set aside financing towards the procurement of core network switch routers for the connection of Malaiti House.

2. ZESCO Limited now invites interested bidders to submit a sealed bid for the supply and delivery of two (2No.) core network switch routers. More details on the requirements are provided in the bidding document.

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3. Bidding will be conducted through Open National Bidding process as specified in the Public Procurement Act No. 8 of 2020 and the Public Procurement Regulations of 2022.

4. This tender is restricted to eligible citizen bidders. The meaning of citizen bidder is provided in the Public Procurement Act No. 8 of 2020 which states that: "Citizen bidder or citizen supplier means in the case of:

(1) an individual, a bidder who is a citizen;

(ii) a firm or company, whether corporate or unincorporate, a firm owned by a citizen; and

(iii) a body of persons wholly comprising citizens."

Bidders must therefore submit a stamped shareholder allotment form from PACRA and certified copies of National Registration Cards for the company directors and shareholders.

5. All bids must be accompanied by a bid a Securing Declaration in accordance with the format in the bidding documents.

6. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below from 08:00 to 12:30 hours and from 14:00 to 16:30 hours respectively Monday to Friday.

7. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be purchased by interested bidders at the address below upon payment of a non-refundable fee of K1,000.00 or its equivalent in any freely convertible currency.

8. The method of payment will be Cash or Bank (Managers) Cheque issued by a recognized Commercial Bank acceptable to the Purchaser, or direct deposit or transfer of funds into the Purchaser's Bank account with evidence of such deposit. The Bank account details are as follows:




ACCOUNT NUMBER: 0012020000001


SORT CODE: 090001

9. Bidding documents can be collected from the main Procurement Office at ZESCO Head Office at the address given below.

Submission Procedure

10. The bids must be appropriately bound, sealed and bold labelled and clearly marked "TENDER FOR THE SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF TWO (2NO.) CORE NETWORK SWITCH ROUTERS FOR THE CONNECTION OF MALAITI HOUSE ZESCO/097/2022" and addressed to the Head - Procurement, must be deposited in the Tender Box located on the Ground Floor, Main Entrance, Procurement Office situated at Regional Control Centre (RCC) building adjacent to ZESCO Central Stores Filling Station within the ZESCO Limited Head Office premises, Lusaka at or before 10:30 hours on 6 January 2023. HOWEVER, TELEGRAPHIC AND/OR ELECTRONIC OFFERS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED.

11. The closing date for the receipt of bids is Friday, 6 January 2023 at 10:30 hours local time, and any bids received after the time and date stipulated above will not be accepted. Bids will be opened there after in the presence of the bidders or their representatives who choose to attend in person in the Conference Room at ZESCO Limited, Stand No. 6949, Great East Road, Procurement Office, situated at RCC Building adjacent to ZESCO Central Stores Filling Station at ZESCO Limited, Head Office premises, Stand No. 6949 in Lusaka.

12. The bids shall be opened soon after closing in the Conference Room, situated on the Ground Floor, Procurement Office situated at Regional Control Centre (RCC) Building adjacent to ZESCO Central Stores Filling Station within the ZESCO Limited Head Office, Stand No. 6949, Great East Road, Lusaka in the presence of bidders and/or their representatives who may choose to attend.

13. The address (es) referred to above are:

(i) For Inspection, Clarification and Purchase of Bidding Documents

ZESCO Limited

Attention: Felix Munsaka, Acting Head - Procurement

Head Office, RCC Building, Procurement Offices

P.O. Box 33304

10101, Lusaka, Zambia

Tel: +260 211 362335/15

Email: procurement@zesco.co.zm

Website: www.zesco.co.zm

(ii) For Opening of Bids

ZESCO Limited

Procurement Conference Room, RCC Building, New Procurement Offices

Stand Number 6949, Great East Road

P.O. Box 33304

10101, Lusaka, Zambia