Administrative Jobs at Youth Projects Development Platform and among other companies

Youth Projects Development Platform (YPDP) is a registered National Youth-Led Non-Governmental Organization based in Lusaka. The organization was established in 2017 but got its legal status on the 3rd of August 2021. The aim of YPDP is to create a more developed Zambia and champion the economic independence of young people. The Organizations primary focuses is on personal development; youth development; community development; human welfare; as well as environmental protection, conservation and sanitation.

Our Vision
Our vision is to see a Zambia in which youths are educated, their ideas, entrepreneurial initiatives, inventions and innovations become a reality and an environment that is healthy and sustainable.

Our Mission
Our mission however is to empower youths in creating a more developed Zambia by educating the vulnerable, promoting and supporting cooperative entrepreneurial initiatives, inventions and innovations as well as a health and sustained environment.

Our core values
• Love: Our actions are inspired by love towards humanity and other living and non-living creation.
• Nature: We realize and understand the interdependence and interrelation of all forms of life and their importance. We therefore respect and treat all things with love and care.
• Transparency: We pledge to be transparent in all our operations including the running our programs and projects, how funds are used and how decision are made.
• Accountability: We pledge to be answerable to all our stakeholders including funders, sponsors, members, partners and beneficiaries.
• Partnership: We realize that achieving our vision can only be made possible through partnering with others.
• Human Development: Enlarging peoples’ freedoms and opportunities as well as improving their wellbeing is our noblest desire and our task too.
• Commitment to Positive Change: We realize the inherent ability and capability of youths in bringing about change in all areas of life.
Our Objectives
• To promote youth invention and innovations through mobilization of resources, partnership and enhancement of kills;
• To promote, encourage and sustain the establishment of youth cooperatives and entrepreneurial initiatives;
• To support vulnerable children and young people by awarding them partial or full sponsorships; and
• To promote a health and sustainable natural environment.

Our Programs
Youth Projects Development Platform runs four interlinked and interdependent broad Programs and this includes the 100 Youths, Green-Clean Youth Response, Edu-Fund and Youth Inventions and Innovations.
The 100 Youths: The 100 Youth Program aims to promote, encourage and support the establishment of youth cooperative and entrepreneurial initiatives. The program is born out of the need for coming up with a sound and realistic approach for the development of Zambia and the realization that, as a country, we have all it takes to begin the pilgrimage toward economic independence.
The Green-Clean Youth Response: The Green-Clean Youth Response Program aims at promoting a green, clean, healthy and sustainable natural and habitable environment by encouraging youths to take a lead in responding to and addressing climate, environmental and sanitation issues all across Zambia through action.

Youth Inventions and Innovations: Youth Inventions and Innovations Program aims at promoting and supporting creative ideas and seeks to provide young inventors and innovators a chance to have their ideas implemented in reality.
The Edu-Fund: The Edu-Fund or Education Fund program aims at supporting vulnerable children and young people by awarding them partial or full sponsorship and providing them with mentorship trainings and guidance.
We are looking for six committed individuals to serve on our organization’s governing body. The board member’s responsibilities includes
• Making laws, rules and regulations for the Organization;
• Formulating and Implementing policies, plans and procedures to supervise the work of the Organization;
• Taking part in verifying and authorizing projects and programs together with their budgets:
• Representing the organization in the court or in any other issue outside the court:
• Ensuring the organization is well managed.
• Contributing and raising funds for the organization.
• Creating the organization’s identity.

• You must be willing to make an emotional commitment to the organization. That said, you’re required to believe in the mission of the organization and help shape or support the vision behind that mission;
• You must be willing to attend Board meetings and actively participate.
• You must be willing to make a financial commitment
• You’re required to bring some special talent, skill, knowledge, and connections including experience, energy and enthusiasm for the work of the organization, willingness to learn board or technical skills such as legal or public relations knowhow.
• You must have the desire to serve and be willing to share your ideas, experiences, feelings, insights, fears, questions, etc.
• You must be willing to read the organizations materials, ask questions, think things through, make suggestions, and express honest feelings; and
• You must be willing to facilitate for the organization, provide support to staff and other Board members.
• You must be open to working with other people, respecting new ideas, and taking reasonable risks.

• You must own a vehicle;
• You must be connected or have worked in a reputable company, organization or foundations related to any of YPDP programs;
• You must be financially stable, and have 90 percent opportunities and energy to connect and grow the organization;
• You must have interest in be willingness to support YPDP’s mission and objective;
• You must have the ability to organize and monitor work;
• You must have the ability to easily use email, Microsoft Office packages particularly Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher;
• You must show commitment to open and honest communication
• You must be Collaborative and initiative
• You must have leadership skills, be able to make sound decisions and possess planning skills.
• Integrity and sensitivity is a must have attributes

If you meet the above criteria, email your application letter, curriculum vitae and copies of your professional qualifications to the Board Chair at not later than 10th January 2023. If you do not hear from us within 30 days of your application, please consider your application unsuccessful.

• The Community Accountability Projects, (W-CAP and Y-CAP) are multi-year projects which seek to embark on Community Led Monitoring (CLM) in seven stated districts. The CLM implementation will be based on the ZYP accountability framework to generate evidence through CLM also known as community based research – Community-based research which is essential for ensuring that policy-makers and program planners are well informed as to: (1) the health needs of the communities that their policies and programmes are aimed to reach; and (2) the real impact, availability, accessibility, affordability, acceptability, quality and effectiveness of the health services and policies they currently are (or plan to be) delivering. Beyond informing others, community-based research is also an important source of information for communities to guide services, advocacy and actions.
• The position of Community Facilitator is part of ZYP strategy to ensure adolescents and young people are placed at the center of the health response to warrant instant feedback and utilization of local solutions which come from the communities themselves.
• The community facilitators are required to provide the link between ZYP and the community in areas where the project activities are implemented. This is to ensure facilitation of all the Western Community Accountability Project (WCAP) activities done within the community are helping and improving health programmes in terms of strengthening community participation in their health outcomes and improved data for quality programme decisions. Additionally, the community facilitators must be able to live in the community as part of ZYP’s national Strategy which ensure community project ownership.

• Mobilizing communities and facilitating on ZYP organised programmes to ensure the mandate of ZYP is achieved.
• Organise and facilitate Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) and or In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) to ensure data bank that assist the project quality delivery.
• Develop and facilitate administration of anonymous CSCs to ensure instant health beneficiaries feedback.
• Facilitating planning, implementation, data collection and routine monitoring of the project in the assigned area/s of operation.
• Facilitating effective participation of adolescents, young people, communities and stakeholders in programme activities.
• Coordination of programme activities and networking with the communities.
• Establishing good working relations with adolescents, Community based Organizations (CBOs), relevant government departments and other stakeholders at community level.
• Participating in stakeholder meetings and networks at community level.
• Identifying key project risks within the area of operation and putting in appropriate control measures to manage them.

Qualifications and Experience:
• Diploma in Development Studies or related discipline. 2-3 years’ experience in a similar role in an NGO environment.
• Ability to organize own work and work independently.
• Excellent communication skills

• Ability to work in a multidisciplinary and multicultural environment, with knowledge of Language, Cultural beliefs and values of community one is operating in.
• Must be a Team player. Facilitation skills (Meetings, workshops & seminars).
• Proficient in Computer skills.
• Building good relationships with various community groups.
• Identifying the potential of community groups to deliver specific programs that promote the health fulfillment of adolescents and young people.
• Ability to resolve conflicts

• This senior level administrative assistant, while maintaining strict confidentiality, collaborates with teammates to perform very skilled and detailed administrative work that directly advances the operations and objectives of the department served, providing a full suite of highly skilled support functions to a large work group and generally directly support a senior director. May act as the team lead for other support assistants.

• Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Is a consistent witness for Jesus Christ, maintains a courteous, Christ-like attitude in dealing with people within and outside of Compassion, and faithfully upholds Compassion’s ministry in prayer.
• Acts as an advocate to raise the awareness of the needs of children. Understands Christ’s mandate to protect children. Commits to and prioritizes child protection considerations in all decision-making, tasks and activities across the ministry. Abides by all behavioral expectations in Compassion’s Statement of Commitment to Child Protection and Code of Conduct. Reports any concerns of abuse, neglect or exploitation of children through Compassion’s internal reporting process and appropriately supports responses to incidents if they occur.
• Performs skilled support work entering complex electronic data, researching, retrieving, and formatting information and data requiring highly specialized knowledge of the assigned work group.
• Focusing on work product outcomes, and working as the work group process expert, may direct the tasks of other assistants or similar level staff and may serve as team lead.
• Drafts and/or proofread records, documents, or forms and other correspondence on behalf of leader or department professional practitioners. Often schedules large and complex meetings, records meeting minutes, coordinates travel, welcomes and hosts visitors, and prepares agendas and itineraries.
• Answers questions, explain processes, and correspond with people concerning specific and detailed information within the assigned department or work group. May directly oversee data report creation, tracking, and dissemination for the department or work group supported.
• May perform support work such as answering phones, routing calls, conveying messages, and performing light manual labor such as delivering office supplies, arranging chairs, and placing refreshments or brochures and displays.
• Often communicates with staff in other countries to facilitate processing of information or work product, follow-up on accuracy and process compliance, and ensure clear understanding between functions on major issues.
• May administer programs requiring subject matter expertise within the disciplines of the work group supported, as well as gathering, evaluating and reporting on data related to the assigned department or client departments.
• May order supplies or services, arrange for shipping or transportation, or provide other logistical services in accordance with standard practices and policies or direct the work of other staff to accomplish these tasks. May provide notary services as required.
• Provides coaching and advice to other staff and client groups.

• Has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

• Accountable for supporting, upholding, and engaging in Compassion's core "Cultural Behaviors" in all internal and external communication and relationships.

• High School Diploma

• Ten years Relevant experience working in this or a related field.

Licenses and Certifications
• None
*Equivalent education, training and/or certification may be substituted for experience and education shown above

Working Environment
• Office – Standard Office Environment
• Physical Demands
• Sitting, standing, and/or walking for up to 8 hours per day
• Travel Requirements
• No travel required for this role