Education /Academic Teaching Jobs at American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative and other Schools

The American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative (ABA ROLI) together with its partner Chapter One Foundation (COF) is implementing a 12-month rapid response project entitled “Promoting Constitutional and Legislative Reform in Zambia”. The project aims to support the ongoing Zambian constitutional review and legislative reforms processes through strategic litigation; comparative legal analysis of Zambian laws; and facilitating trainings for Zambian lawyers and consultation meetings. One of the activities under the project is a two-day training on strategic litigation for Zambian lawyers. The training will be for up to fifty people.

The main objective of the Litigation Workshop is to equip the trained legal practitioners with the requisite skills to undertake effective litigation in various fora in Zambia.

Scope of work
ABA ROLI intends to hire one expert trainer with extensive experience in strategic litigation with a particular focus on human rights, rule of law and constitutional law issues. The expert will work in tandem with a local expert trainer who will bring to the training expert knowledge of the national context. The specific deliverables include:
1. Develop curriculum for a knowledge and skills training on strategic litigation for participants working on issues related to regional and international human rights standards and best practices. The curriculum will reviewed by ABA ROLI and COF
2. Meet with local expert trainer to collaborate and coordinate the training curriculum
3. Develop/provide reference and guidance materials, manuals and forms for participants to consult and learn about additional sources of information that can facilitate their work
4. Conduct the 2-day Strategic Litigation training
The training will be participatory in nature, incorporating practical application of skills that are directly relevant to participants and the use of case studies and sample where applicable. The expert will be expected to include information/tools particularly relevant to the target group.

Expert Trainer Qualifications and Experience
i. Have an Advanced University Degree in law
ii. Have 5-10 years of professional work experience in human rights, democracy, constitutional law, or law reform. Experience working on the above issues in Africa is a bonus.
iii. Proven experience in conducting/implementing similar trainings.
iv. Excellent analytical, presentation and communication skills.
v. Excellent writing skills in and oral command of English.

• Diploma in food production or related field
• Certificate or better in teaching methodology
• Strong communication skills bojth Verbal and written
• Practical experience in food production or Catering