Internships -Trainee Jobs at SupaMoto and other companies

Emerging Cooking Solutions (Zambia) Limited, trading as “SupaMoto”, is a Zambian/Swedish joint venture, introducing clean burning modern cook-stoves, renewable cooking fuel pellets made from waste biomass and solar home systems. Our locally produced pellets are cheaper than charcoal and the cooking solution performs similar to a gas stove. Our solar home systems have a built in Pay as You Go (PAYGO)-mechanism and almost all payments for our products are made through Mobile Money. Our company has over 100 staff with presence in Malawi and Mozambique and growing rapidly in the energy sector. The positive environmental, socio-economic, and macro-level impact of our solutions is immense. We truly have a solution for the dilemma of rapid deforestation and disproportionately high cooking fuel costs for low-income people.
Job Title: Dispatch Intern – HQ (2)
Reporting Manager: Head of Data and Fintech
Location: Lusaka, Kalundu
Terms: 3 Month Probation

Dispatch Management Internship Description
The Dispatch Intern is responsible for supporting all supply chain procedures, from coordinating deliveries to managing systems. To be successful in this role, you should be well-organized and understand the order fulfillment cycle. As a dispatch manager your job duties include training new employees, delegating and assigning orders, coordinating the daily workload, documenting productivity, overseeing incoming and outgoing consignment, and reporting to senior management.

1. Tracking orders to ensure timely deliveries.
2. Coordinate our supply chain procedures to maximize quality of delivery.
3. Ensure all supervised staff members are trained as well as cross-trained adequately.
4. Maintain updated records of orders, deliveries, and customers.
5. Develop logistical plans for current operations and logistics contingency plans.
6. Develop and execute tools and methodologies to enable effective implementation of logistic plans.
7. Design and develop standard operating methods to manage logistics operations efficiently.
8. Identify added logistic training requirements to attain high working standards.
9. Develop reports on products, personnel movements, and various operational logistics problems.

Qualifications and Skills
1. BSc in Supply chain management, Logistics, or relevant field
2. Knowledge of delivery management systems (software) or transport management systems
3. Basic accounting knowledge.
4. Excellent organizational and time-management skills
5. Good communication skills.
6. Good with excel and google Sheets.
7. Strong attention to detail.
8. Presentation skills – ability to write and speak clearly and easily communicate complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand.
9. Problem solving skills.

ExpressCredit is a global consumer finance company operating in Zambia and 3 surrounding countries, including Botswana, Namibia, and Lesotho. Our company helps individuals in a need of short-term and long-term financial solutions – all of which make a meaningful and lasting impact on the local communities.
Since 2018, ExpressCredit has more than tripled its global operations and grown significantly worldwide. If you want to work for a dynamic, forward-thinking and socially responsible financial services provider we are the right match for you!
To learn more about ExpressCredit, visit:
We invite recent graduates to apply for internship as Customer Support Officers in our Customer Support Services (Call Centre) Department based in Lusaka.

• Must be a Recent Graduate
• Diploma or better in any business-related course,
• Full Grade 12 Certificate
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Excellent communication skills (oral& written),
• Enthusiastic, self-starter, with strong multitasking abilities,
• Analytical, good problem solver.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality and exercise extreme discretion
• Team player
• Good Organizational Skills,
• Attention to details, Listening skills,
• Adaptability, and stress tolerance,
• Data entry/ Computer skills, and typing skills