Internships -Trainee Jobs at Pacific Logistics & Consultancy and Hydrangea Enterprises Limited (Hydrangea)

Deadline of this Job: 02 November 2022
We are looking for five (5) school leavers and college students to work as free Interns in various aspects of our services. The interns will be linked to data analytics, logistics and marketing services.

• School Certificates/Partial Statement of Results/Certificates in computer studies
• Strong passion for computing, marketing and logistics
• Proof of computer literacy or use of a database
• Good command of English and Nyanja languages
• Ability to work with minimal supervision and for lengthy hours
• Should have a smart phone and a functional laptop
• Should be based in Lusaka

Deadline of this Job: 31 October 2022
(ZM002/ 10/ 26/ 2022)

Hydrangea Enterprises Limited (Hydrangea) is a premier consultancy company operating in Zambia and several other countries. Hydrangea is in the process of recruiting two (2) interns, who will work as part of the Digitalisation, Economics and Finance Team at the company’s office in Lusaka District, Zambia.

• Creating proposals for new clients based on their needs, goals and other Terms of Reference (ToRs);
• Support the designing, management, and coordination of company projects;
• Undertake a comprehensive review of the literature;
• Assist with the development and digitalisation of primary data collection, processing and management tools;
• Identify and compile lists of potential research subjects/ stakeholders in accordance with study objectives and parameters;
• Development of interview schedules and field plans;
• Contact potential subjects/ interviewees to introduce and explain study objectives and protocols as well as to arrange interviews, either in person, via online platforms and/ or by telephone;
• Develop research protocols and undertake training of Enumerators and/ or other staff;
• Conduct and record face-to-face, online and/ or telephone interviews with stakeholders, in accordance with predetermined interview protocols, data collection procedures and documentation standards;
• Assist in arranging field logistics for research activities or any other company assignments;
• Travel to field sites to collect and record data and/ or samples as appropriate to the specific objectives of the study as well as transcribe and summarise interview transcripts where necessary;
• Maintain accurate records of interviews, and safeguarding the confidentiality of subjects, as necessary;
• Process and review data to ensure completeness, authenticity and accuracy of information;
• Coding procedures and entering data into a computer databases and/ or spreadsheet application for subsequent analysis;
• Clean and prepare datasets for analysis (such as household survey data);
• Support researchers in data analysis;
• Track progress towards achievement of deliverables for Hydrangea’s research projects;
• Draft write-up of results (including research papers, presentations and reports);
• Provide regular update reports to management and attend project/ company meetings;
• Contribute to the development of concepts, methodologies, guidelines and projects;
• Organise conferences, seminars, workshops and other events as assigned by management;
• Advise on the identification, formulation and implementation of new projects (business development);
• Compile data for progress reports and prepare comprehensive progress reports;
• Support in undertaking administrative functions as assigned by management; and,
• Perform any other tasks assigned by management.

Qualifications and Skills:
• Must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture, Environment, AgroForestry, Economics, Business Administration, Accountancy, Animal Sciences, Project Management or any related field;
• Three (3) years minimum work experience;
• A Master’s Degree and/ or MBA in any of the above will be an added advantage;
• Must have working knowledge and experience in the agriculture value chain and food sector;
• Ability to travel around Zambia and other countries (when required);
• Must be capable to work in a multicultural environment and intense research circumstances/ under pressure;
• Must be fluent in at least three (3) Local Zambian Languages;
• Must be conversant in working with Microsoft Office Packages;
• Must have analytical and mathematical skills;
• Must have good moral and cultural values, particularly in the context of the Zambian environment, including rural communities;
• Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and other financial modeling software/ platforms;
• Experience/ working knowledge in accounting or auditing is highly desirable;
• Knowledge in proposal writing, secondary data review, business modeling and data analysis;
• Experience working in an agribusiness, Non-Governmental Organisation, International Development Organisation and/ or consultancy firm will be an added advantage;
• Able to effectively communicate in a clear and positive manner with team members and external stakeholders;
• Preference will be given to a candidate who has experience working in multicultural and multinational research and project teams; and,
• Must be able to read, write and fluently speak English. Preference will be given to candidates that are fluent in at least three (3) local languages and can communicate in French and/ or Germany.