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FHI 360 is an international nonprofit working to improve the health and well-being of people in the United States and around the world.

We partner with governments, the private sector and civil society to bring about positive social change and to provide lifesaving health care, quality education and opportunities for meaningful economic participation. We do this by using research and evidence to design and deliver innovative programs that change behaviors, increase access to services and improve lives.

Our staff of more than 4,000 professionals work in more than 60 countries. Their diverse technical expertise and deep understanding of local conditions provide a 360-degree perspective that allows us to develop customized responses to the toughest human development challenges.

Our work is grounded in research and science, strengthened by partnerships and focused on building the capacity of individuals, communities and countries to succeed. We seek the most efficient solutions that provide optimum results, every time.

Capacity building
Our experts develop the potential of governments, community and faith-based organizations, and private-sector entities to improve lives in lasting ways.

Resonant, memorable, accessible
Creative services
Our award-winning, full-service creative studio champions the strategic value of design in creating positive social change.

Data analysis
High-quality data management is central to every study we conduct. We provide quantitative analysis, biostatistics and data management.

Emerging infectious diseases and pandemic response
FHI 360 addresses emerging pandemics and epidemics with expertise that supports health security efforts in the United States and globally, improving epidemic preparedness, detection and response.

Monitoring and evaluation
To provide comprehensive monitoring and evaluation services, we rely on multiple techniques to examine the myriad relationships among different types of data.

Quality assurance
Our two branches of quality assurance services encompass clinical laboratory quality assurance and product quality and compliance.

Research services
We use research to respond to a wide variety of human development issues, generating evidence that is used to determine which interventions will be most effective.

Social and behavior change
We partner with governments, departments, nongovernmental organizations and local communities in the United States and around the world.

Social marketing
Social marketing and communication
Our experts use a systematic process of using commercial marketing principles to achieve specific behavioral goals for a social good.

Training and technical assistance
We work with individual host countries and with international organizations to provide a comprehensive catalogue of evidence-based training.

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Since : 01-01-1970
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Address1: FHI 360 Headquarters 359 Blackwell Street, Suite 200 Durham, NC 27701 USA
Address2: Regional Office 333 Grosvenor Street Hatfield Gardens, Block B Hatfield, Pretoria 0083 South Africa