Tenders at TechnoServe and Other Companies in Zambia

Deadline of this Job: 19 December 2022

General Requirements:

The requirements for TechnoServe’s anticipated contract are listed below. A more detailed Statement of Work is also attached.

TechnoServe is seeking a responsive, reliable, and competent medical insurance service provider to provide full medical insurance coverage for TechnoServe Zambia Staff and any expatriate working for TechnoServe Zambia at a given time.

Period of Performance:

The period of performance of any contract resulting from this solicitation is anticipated to be between the start and end dates listed below.

Start Date: 1/1/2023

End Date: 12/31/2023

Proposal Content Instructions:

In addition to responding to the Statement of Work, all proposals must:

  • Describe the qualifications, experience, and capabilities of the firm or consultant in providing the type of services being requested. Resumes or CVs of the consultant or any key personnel of the firm shall be submitted as an attachment.
  • Estimate the length of time required to accomplish all requirements, with detail on individual activity implementation dates, as referenced in the Statement of Work.
  • Contain a detailed cost breakdown with applicable taxes and other charges clearly identified (and be presented in conformity with any further instructions included in the Statement of Work). Consultants should provide their daily or hourly billing rate, or their proposed fixed fee for the requested deliverables.
  • Provide at least 3 references for similar contracts with a description of the services provided, value of the contract, and the contract periods of performance.
  • Include a contact name, email address, and telephone number to facilitate communication between TechnoServe and the submitting firm or consultant.
  • For proposals from a firm, provide a brief outline of the company and services offered, including:

o             Full legal name, jurisdiction of incorporation, and address of the company.

o             Full legal name and country of citizenry of company’s President, Chief Executive Officer, and/or all other principal officers of the company.

o             Year the business was established.

  • If a consortium of firms or a team of consultants submits a proposal jointly, the above information should be provided for each member of the team.
  • To ensure consideration, all quotes must be submitted in the following language and currency, and by the due date noted below:

Language: English

Currency: ZMW

Submission Instructions:

All proposals must be emailed to the address below with your proposal attached in one or more files (PDF preferred). You will receive an auto-confirmation upon receipt. DO NOT email your proposal to any employee of TechnoServe or deliver your proposal in hard copy to a TechnoServe office. Failing to adhere to these instructions may make your proposal ineligible for consideration.

Email: buy+ZM+P0015323@tns.org

Other Tenders

Deadline of this Job: 30 December 2022